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Cancer Yearly horoscope (June 21 - July 22)

My Jyotish Expert

Mars will be in your tenth house at the beginning of the year.  In such a situation, you will be full of energy and strength throughout this year.  Overall, Saturn will transit according to the year Cancer horoscope 2021 and will remain in the seventh house and Rahu will enter the eleventh house.  On 06 April, Jupiter will enter the eighth house of Aquarius and in September it will retrograde and enter the seventh house of Capricorn.  After this, Jupiter will be transit on November 20, after which it will transit in the eighth house of Aquarius.  On the other hand, Mars will move at its normal pace this year.
 This year, the Cancerians who are looking for jobs or trying to get progress in business will get success this year.  However, do not do anything that can hurt your reputation.
 Shani will be in the seventh house of marriage and is going to create misunderstandings in your married life, due to which there will be a situation of constant quarrels and debates in your life.  Apart from this, talk now if it is in your economic situation, because Jupiter is affecting the house of wealth for the people of Cancer when it is situated in Aquarius.  In such a situation, your income is likely to improve during this period.  Your money savings will improve, which can increase your fortune.  However, during this time there is a strong possibility of increasing your expenses.  Overall, your accumulated wealth will increase, along with you will get a lot of luck, however, the aspect of Saturn on your zodiac sign will increase your spending.  In this way I advise you not to show haste and avoid buying anything in vain.
 This year Mars, the lord of karma, will be located in your tenth house.  As a result, there is a strong chance of you getting promoted this year, which is expected to make a lot of progress in your workplace.  Apart from this, people who are looking for jobs during this time will also get success, but this year the biggest beneficiaries will be those who are in government jobs.  Throughout this year, Saturn will remain in the seventh house from your zodiac sign, which is going to prove beneficial for your career.  The auspicious months of this year for the Cancerians are January, February, March and April.  This year, the people doing business related to the fields of chemical, education and technology will get success in their work.  However during the month of April to September you need to be very cautious, as your fortune may decline during this period.  It is possible that during this time, you may have a dispute with someone that can have a negative effect on your image, that is why you are advised to control your anger as much as possible.
 According to the Economic Horoscope of Cancer 2021, this year is going to be good for the people of Cancer zodiac in terms of economic aspect, because Sun, the lord of income and family life, is in a conjunction with Mercury in the sixth house, which indicates  That is, financially this time is going to be very auspicious for you.  You will get a lot of profit this year.  Apart from this, there is a strong possibility of growth and development in your business.  As the sixth house is also called the house of enemies, so this year your enemies will try to create obstacles in everything you do, but you will win over your enemies.  Venus in the fifth house and Rahu's position in the eleventh house are indicating that, this year you will get a lot of profit or profit.  During this time you will also get success in those areas which you have been waiting for a long time.  Apart from this, if you want to invest in the stock market, then time will also be auspicious for that.  However, the time period from January to April may prove to be a little less favorable for you.  Take proper care of your financial situation.  Apart from this, you are advised to work with patience, as your expenses may increase, but during May to December your income will increase once again which will bring things back on track.  Talk about the expenses, then due to the combination of Mercury and Sun in the sixth house, your expenses are likely to be high.  Due to which effect money can be spent.
 Marital life and children
 You will get favorable results on marital life this year, because this year Saturn and Jupiter will be present in your seventh house.  As a result, you will get good results in the married life.  At the same time some misunderstandings may arise between the couple, and they are going to be emotionally weak during this year.  However, the lord Mars and Ketu and Venus in the fifth house may bring some difficulties in the lives of the natives who wish to have children this year.  Due to the presence of Ketu in the fifth house of your zodiac, this year your children may have to face any problems occurring again and again.  However, you will support them at every step and face every difficulty with them.
  Your positive attitude will increase the confidence of the children and will also help in enabling them to do every task better.  There is a strong possibility of fluctuations throughout the year in terms of children.  Apart from this, as far as the health of children is concerned, you may face difficulties in this context throughout the year.  After September 15, Jupiter will again transit in the seventh house.  The time after this will prove to be favorable for you back.  This period is especially favorable for your second child.  However, your second child is very unlikely to get married.
 According to the 2021 horoscope of Cancer in terms of health, this year you will get mixed results.  Since Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth house this year will be in the seventh house from your zodiac sign and will be looking at your ninth and fourth house.  This planetary position can cause health problems in your life, so you are advised to take special precautions.  On the other hand, the lord of the health planet Moon is located in Cancer zodiac, which will prove to be very good for those people of Cancer zodiac who are struggling with a disease because the troubles of such natives who have been suffering from any disease for a long time will end.

 This time will prove favorable for you in terms of health.  There will be a feeling of positivity in your thoughts.  Jupiter and Saturn will have a combined aspect on your Ascendant house, as a result of which you will include a proper and healthy diet in your life and you can learn meditation and yoga under the guidance of an expert.  According to Health Horoscope 2021, the time from April to September may prove to be inauspicious for you, but after September, the time will be favorable for you.  Try to eat healthy and vegetarian food to avoid any health related problems.
 Regular worship of Lord Ganesha and recite Rudrashatkam 

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