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Gemini Yearly horoscope (May 21 - June 20)

My Jyotish Expert

The conjunction of Sun and Mercury in your seventh house will prove to be auspicious for your business and profit.  At the beginning of this year, the effects of Mercury and the Sun will gain government benefits, along with education during this time you will get better results and you will get full support of your father.  Venus, the lord of the fifth house / fifth house is situated with Ketu in the sixth house, as a result of which you may have to face problems related to your children in your life.  On the other hand, there is a possibility of some unwanted conflict in your relationship too.  This year, the more you keep yourself away from discord and fight, the more it will prove to be good for you.  Ketu in the 6th house this year will prove beneficial for the students of this sign.  With constant effort and hard work, he will get success this year.  The best month for students this year will be September, because at this time you will get the blessings of Jupiter and luck will support you. Due to the presence of the Sun in the seventh house, your spouse's nature may cause sudden ego, due to which  Problems and bitterness in your relationship can take its place.  Due to Saturn being in your eighth house or eighth house, during this period, the people of Gemini may face some stomach related problems, such as ulcers or bleeding / piles.  Take care of health
 This year, the Gemini zodiac signs will start their new issues by eliminating their old issues and issues.  You will get a lot of benefit from the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius, this transit is going to aspect your Gemini.  At the same time, you can also get some good news on the health front.  Your health will improve.  This year, you can get rid of any chronic or chronic disease or it is likely to be cured.  Take loans or credit assistance from anyone you need only.  Work with patience, because during this time your ongoing project may be delayed due to any reasons.
 This year will bring mixed results for you.  Jupiter is in your eighth house at the beginning of the year and is going to stay here in the union with Saturn till 06 April.  This year, your job change is expected.  This year will see a lot of positive changes in your field of work, as you are likely to get many opportunities during this period with the help of your colleagues.  However, this time is going to be a bit difficult for those working in computer technology, tuition and cosmetics etc.  On the contrary, people who work in the health sector, metal or publishing, will get great success in the months of April to September, because during this time you are going to get a lot of luck.
 Apart from this you are also likely to get promotions.  Your income will also increase.  The month from September to November can prove to be a bit unfavorable, hence you are advised to be very vigilant during this time.  Otherwise your problems may increase. If you are doing business in partnership, they have to be careful during this time, do not make new changes.
  This year, due to the combination of Saturn and Jupiter in the eighth house, your financial life will be average.  If you are associated with family business or family business, then you will get profit from the transit of Jupiter in the 9th house on April 06.  The auspicious month for you this year is the last few days of January, February and March.  If you start worshiping the Sun God every morning, then surely you will not face any problems related to money in your life this year.
This whole year Saturn will be situated in the eighth house of you, which can result in loss of money, so it is advisable to be very cautious while doing any transaction, because due to the transit of Jupiter and Saturn, you will suffer financial loss.  There is a strong possibility of happening.  However, once Jupiter is transit in Aquarius, then you can see an improvement in your situation.
  Marital life and children
The lord of married life, is situated in the eighth house of Saturn in conjunction with Saturn, which will result in a greater impact on your life this year.  There can be a time of change. Which will work to strengthen the positive form of your life.  During May 28-June 22, Venus will transit in Gemini in the first house.  During this time, you will express your feelings of love to your partner as well as enjoy beautiful and loving moments with them.
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 This year will bring many difficulties for you.  As Saturn and Jupiter are located in the eighth house at the beginning of the year and Ketu in the sixth house, indicating that you may face some health problems at this time.  You may have problems related to foot, waist and headaches, so you are advised to get treatment at the right time.  The natives of this zodiac sign who have problems related to sugar or blood pressure need to take care of themselves.
 Jupiter and Saturn are located in the eighth house.  As far as health is concerned, this year will not prove to be more auspicious for you.  During this period, some seasonal diseases can be disturbed to the natives of Gemini.  If you already have a disease, then take special care of your food.

 Worship Lord Ganesha and recite Ganesh Atharvashish

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