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Leo Yearly horoscope (July 23 - Aug 22)

My Jyotish Expert

 According, this year is going to be very favorable for you in terms of financial aspects, in the family context.  The lord of Leo zodiac Sun is in your fifth house.  This year Saturn is going to be located in the sixth house of enemies and rivals in Capricorn and Mars will be in the ninth house.  As a result, your luck will be good and your relationship will become stronger.  This year is going to be very favorable in terms of travel as well.  You will keep visiting from time to time.  You will also spend a lot on these trips.  Rahu is located in the tenth house of your career during this period, due to which you are very likely to get sudden progress in your work.  During this time your enemies and your opponents will be defeated by you.  Overall, in terms of career, you will get success in every aspect during this period.  You will achieve new heights in your work field with your hard work.
 The presence of Venus and Ketu in the fourth house of the house and happiness will bring happiness in your life, but you will continue to need constant effort and hard work.  This year you will spend a lot of money on luxury items.  This year will be very favorable for you financially.  Your financial position will remain strong throughout the year.  Apart from this, there is a strong possibility of increasing your income due to sudden progress in your career.  Jupiter will transit in the seventh house between April and September.
 Due to the influence of Jupiter in the seventh house you will get opportunities for partnership in business.  Which will be beneficial.  There may also be a job change or transfer after the month of September.  Apart from this, the beginning of the year is going to be very favorable in terms of health.  According to Leo Health Horoscope 2021, this year can be a bit challenging for you in terms of health.  This year the zodiac signs of Leo need to be more careful, otherwise they are likely to suffer from joint pain, stomach and kidney diseases.
  This year will prove to be very auspicious for you.  Rahu will be situated in the tenth house from your zodiac during this period, due to which you will see sudden progress in your career.  Rahu's presence in karma will bring many challenges for you this year.  Apart from this, you will also be able to earn from more than one source this year.  If you have any problem in your life then you need to understand that they are only temporary problems, which will soon go away from your life.  This year your chances of promotion are quite high.  Apart from this, you can also go abroad for your business or job.
 This year Mars is situated in your ninth house, as a result of which luck is going to be in your favor and you will be able to achieve a lot of progress in the field, as well as your relationship on the field will also improve.  Due to the presence of Mars in the eleventh house, you may face challenges during the months of April and May.  However, the presence of Saturn in the sixth house will prove favorable to your wishes in your professional field.  However, the presence of Jupiter in the sixth house will help you to avoid every situation and maintain your status in your field.  Your opponents and enemies will be defeated by you.  That is, in spite of a lot of challenges and troubles, the zodiac of Leo zodiac will achieve new heights in his career on the strength of his hard work, along with the proper guidance and support of seniors, you can also perform well in your career.  Will succeed

 There will be mixed results for you this year.  This year the planets are going to be such that Mercury is sitting with Jupiter in the house of Jupiter which indicates that this year can be beneficial for you.  Where you will get new opportunities to earn money.  Apart from this, you will have many opportunities for the growth and expansion of your business.  The beginning of the year will be very favorable for the zodiac signs of Leo zodiac, but the month of April will be the most favorable for you, because during this time you will get income from many sources and during this time your income is also very likely to increase.  .
 The combination of Sun and Mercury in the fifth house is creating Budhaditya Yoga.  In such a situation, this year will prove to be very beneficial for people connected with paper, clothes, and food etc.  After the month of May your expenses will start increasing.  In such a situation, you are advised to adopt a simple lifestyle as much as possible, it will be better for you.  Also by the end of this year you may have to spend on your medicine, children's education, and family.  Apart from this, if you make a long-term investment then you will get the benefit.  As the year ends, you will find your financial side in a stronger position.
 Marital life and children

 Saturn, the lord of your marital life, is placed in a conjunction with Jupiter in the seventh house, indicating that, during this time, you may have to face some ups and downs in your married life.  After 06 April, when Jupiter moves into your seventh house, you will get full support of your partner and you will also be able to fulfill your duties towards your spouse.  This time is favorable for you, in which case you will be satisfied with your married life.  The marriage totals of eligible people of this amount are strong.
 However, in this year, the month from April to September will prove to be a bit favorable for you.  During this time there will be sweetness in your marital relationship, and this will be possible due to the mutual understanding and misunderstanding of both of you to keep away from your relationship, which will directly show the effect on your children's life.  In such a situation, it is advised that you can win your love with your trust and confidence.  The beginning of this year is likely to be favorable for children as there may be some problems or concerns in their lives during this time.  However, there seems to be a strong possibility of increasing the career and financial prosperity of your first child.  Apart from this, this period will also be auspicious for your second child,
 This year you will feel energetic and as time progresses you will feel an increase in your life force.  It is advised that you eat a balanced diet, avoid physically exhausting yourself and keep away from smoking and alcohol consumption.  This year in the fifth house, the masters of health are making Budhaditya Yoga, therefore for those of Leo zodiac, the year 2021 is going to be very good in terms of health.  In some months of this year like January, February and March, you may have minor problems like sore throat or fever etc. But the rest of the months of the year will be very good in terms of health.

 According to the Leo horoscope, the presence of Saturn and Jupiter in your sixth house can prove to be worrisome for those who already have an allergy, high blood pressure or joint pain problems.  During this time, you may see fluctuations in your energy power.  At one time you will be full of energy, on the other hand you can feel completely tired and cumbersome even after doing some minor physical activity.  As such, you are advised to follow a good routine, incorporate a nutritious diet into your diet, include fruits and vegetables, and practice meditation  

 Regular worship of Lord Ganesha and recitation of Aditya Hriday

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