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Libra Yearly horoscope (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

My Jyotish Expert

Venus, the lord of Libra, is present in a conjunction with Ketu in the zodiac sign of Mars in the second house of your zodiac.  Which indicates that in the year 2021, the people of Libra zodiac will focus all their attention on money and family.  The combination of the Sun and Mercury in the third house of AAP will give the people of Libra zodiac courage and valor in their life.  From the beginning of this year, you are advised to worship the Sun God daily, because by doing this the Sun God will provide benefits in your life by removing all obstacles from your life.

 Along with this, Saturn is located in the fourth house in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn.  Which is located in the center respectively.  The dual energy of these planets will prove to be an increase in goodness in your life.  Along with this the fourth house depicts domestic issues.  In such a situation, you are very likely to feel happiness and peace in the affairs of the house this year.  With this year, you will also be interested in buying your house or buying a new vehicle.  After this, with the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius in the fifth house in the month of April and as a result of its direct aspect on your lunar zodiac, you are also very likely to increase your income from regular sources of income.  You can get promotion and increment in your current job.  In such a situation, you will get pleasure from both benefits ie monetary benefits and office benefits on your field.  People on the field will appreciate your efforts.  Mars will be in your seventh house from the beginning of the year and during transit it will have its effect on your eighth, ninth and tenth house.  Mars is considered a cruel planet.  In such a situation, the cruelty of Mars can have an effect in your married life.  During this time there is a possibility of misunderstanding in your relationship and fight and quarrel between you and your spouse.  That is, overall, the beginning of the year 2021 is going to be extremely favorable for you in terms of your career and work, according to the Libra horoscope 2021.

 This year you will get good benefits in your field of work.  Yes, but due to the combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on your tenth house, you may need to work hard.  During this time period you will gain good name and fame and touch the highs in your career.  Apart from this, in terms of your child side, this year will also prove favorable.  After April 6, Jupiter will transit in the fifth house in Aquarius.  During this time, a young guest can knock in the life of newly married couples.  Also, children will progress during this time.  Even if you talk in terms of health, this time can prove to be good for you.  If you are suffering from a seasonal disease then you can get well soon.  Rahu's position in the eighth house is indicative of an increase in mental troubles and a decline in health, but after April, Jupiter will aspect your lagna zodiac Libra.  Due to which you can see improvement in your immunity and personality.  During this time you will adopt healthy diet, good routine and yoga etc. and include exercise yoga etc. in your regular routine for confidence.
 This year will bring good and auspicious results for the people of this zodiac.  This year, you will progress in your career and become better.  The aspect of Saturn on your tenth house will motivate you to work hard.  The aspect of Jupiter on the tenth house will prove to be helpful in providing progress in your career.  The transit of Mars in your tenth house in the month of June and July will give you success in your field.  Apart from this, those who are looking for job opportunities abroad may have to face some difficulties at the beginning of the year, but at the end of the year you will get some good and good results in this context.
  This time will also prove to be very good for people associated with the field of trade and import-export.  People associated with the field of trade and import-export can make more profit this year.  The people related to medical, electrical equipment, and land related business will make a lot of profit this year.  This year you may have a lot of opportunities to join partnerships and connect with new investors.  Apart from this, if you are careful of the months, then these two months of January and February will prove to be a little worrying for you, but the months of April to May will bring luck and prosperity in your career.  According to Libra Annual Horoscope 2021, the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the third house will prove to be an auspicious time for the business people associated with sports.  During this time you will get a lot of profits.
 According to Libra Horoscope 2021, this year will bring mixed results for the people of Libra zodiac in terms of economic side, because Saturn and Jupiter are situated together in your fourth house this year.  This year you will earn money continuously, but your expenses will continue to be due to that, due to which you can miss saving your choice this year.  Apart from this, if you talk about the auspicious months, then the months of July and August of this year will prove to be the most favorable for you financially.  According to Libra Horoscope 2021, if you are thinking about investing, then this time can prove to be very auspicious for you, because Mercury will transit in the tenth house of Cancer.
 The lord of wealth lies with Mercury in the sign of Sun Jupiter, which indicates that it may prove beneficial to invest in land or stock market.  Apart from this, Rahu's presence in the eighth house can make you spend money because it is giving aspect to your house of wealth.  In this way, you are advised to save money or invest somewhere during this time.  There is a strong chance that you will also benefit from ancestral property.
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 Marital life and children
 Mars, the lord of your marriage, is in the seventh house and is giving aspect to the second sense of family and wealth, which indicates that this time will not prove to be a favorable time for married natives, because during this time period you  Conflicts and misunderstandings can arise between the two.  Apart from this, the time between February to the middle of April will not prove to be very favorable for you, because Rahu and Mars in your eighth house can become a cause of quarrels and disputes with you and your in-laws.

 At the same time, in terms of child aspect, the beginning of the year is likely to be fair.  After 6 April, when Jupiter will transit in the fifth house, during this time, a young guest can knock the life of newly married couples.  With this, your children will progress during this period.  This year will prove to be very auspicious for your first child, because during this time he will get progress in his life.  Apart from this, if your child is married, then this year can be married, because planetary transits and constellations will prove to be in favor of your child during this time.
 This year is going to be very good for you.  However you are advised to take special precautions to deal with any infection or disease.  To protect your body from any kind of disease, big or small, take special care of your health.  In addition, the planets Rahu and Ketu can cause some mental stress in the life of Libra zodiacs.
 Rahu's presence in the eighth house is a sign of sudden deterioration of your health.  The transit of Jupiter in the month of April will give aspect to your ascendant emotions which will help in the development of your personality along with better results in your immunity.
  Worship Lord Ganesha and recite Siddha Kunjika

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