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Sagittarius monthly horoscope (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

You can get lucky about your family and financial matters and be able to manage your expenses without any problems. You can also do well at work and finally feel comfortable fitting into the organizational culture.  Huh.  Any misunderstanding with family members on finance and domestic matters can still be resolved.  Some of you may get help from some old acquaintances on a personal or professional front.  Health looks good, though to reflect on some minor issues.  Students and businessmen are expected to perform well.  Businessmen may find this period a good one, especially in the latter part of the month.  But you may have some difficulties in convincing investors to invest money in your business.  Students can have a good memory and can remember their lessons well.  Your natural intelligence is also likely to shine well now.  You can also benefit from listening to the advice of your family members while you can get help, especially from your mother and other female members of the family.  Some of you can also guide and guide your younger siblings.

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