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Sawapan Shastra (स्वप्न शास्त्र): Dreams do predict your future

myjyotish Expert Updated 21 Jul 2021 05:19 PM IST
what your dreams interpret
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What your dreams interpret, Read Here 
After all the hustle of the day, we just enter our world of dreams which at times seems to be a fairytale or a nightmare. There is no scientific explanation yet why we dream? Some theories believe we see dreams due to the subconscious mind, and they are the thoughts that we think. Some theories believe that most of our dreams predict the future. While we at least for once in our lifetime have experienced an incident which you may feel has already happened before. Also, many times we just forget what we dreamt of. Not just dreams that we watch, but also learning about dreams is way too interesting.

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According to swapna shastra (स्वप्न शास्त्र ), most of our dreams have a meaning. If you see a closed door that means money loss is gonna soon knock on your door.

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  • If you dreamt of lighting a Diya, eating mango, or cow dung then that means money is just on its way to your pockets. Also if you see a creepy lizard on a wall then it is beneficial.
  • If you see a baby laughing in your dreams then that predicts that unexpected monetary profit is going to happen. While if the baby is crying then that means loss.
  • If you dream of watching the sky, flying in the sky, that means you are about to be successful in whatever field you are struggling in right now.
  • But if you see yourself falling from the sky then that means, you may face loss in your business or at work.
  • If you see yourself crying silently in a corner in a dream, don't need to worry my Friend. This means that the near future is peaceful.
  • If you see yourself bathing in a river that means good moments are near.
  • If you watch yourself peeing in your dream this means that this is a sign of stomach-related disease that is gonna affect you in the future.
  • Also, having a dream of hair fall or broken nails, or even applying Chandan, predicts diseases will soon affect your body.
  • Let's now come to our love dreams. What about them? Well! If you dream of a guy trimming or shaving his beard then that means problems affecting your married life are soon gonna end and will be back full of love and romance. Sounds funny? Yet it's true. If you dream of yourself dancing happily around that means you will soon meet the love of your life.
  • If you see someone eating honey, then that predicts that someone in your family is more likely to get married soon.
  • If you dream of scissors or of someone roaming around under stress that means tensions or problems are going to surround you soon.
  • According to sawspan shastra if you watch yourself suiciding, calm down this predicts you will have a long life. 
Whatever you see, good or bad, just believe in yourself. We all have to face ups and downs of life. In the end it's our approach towards the problem that helps us out. If you look at a problem you will always be negative but if you look for a solution, you will see opportunities coming.

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