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Scorpio monthly horoscope (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

This month most of your time will be spent outside the house.  If you are a businessman, you may have to take several trips in connection with work.  At the beginning of the year you had set some goals for yourself, which you will work very hard this month to realize.  Even after getting busy with your work, you will give time to your family, so that you will experience happiness.
  •  From the profession-career perspective, the month of February will give mixed results for you.  Employed people will have to work closely with the team present in their field of work.  If you have a problem in the team, it can also threaten your job.  Businessmen may have differences with their partners, which may lead to business problems.
  •  Health - Pay a little attention to your health this month.  This month, you may come in the grip of some major disease.  Do not ignore any minor health problem.  Go to the doctor and get proper treatment.
  •  Love and Marital Life - Those who love someone, but they have not yet expressed their feelings, then this month you can express your love, this month you will get success in establishing a love relationship.  .  Married people will try to keep their partner happy this month and give them gifts.

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