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Scorpio Yearly horoscope (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

My Jyotish Expert

You will get mixed results this year.  Those people of Scorpio zodiac who for a long time felt that nothing good is happening in their life, they will see many positive things happening in their life this year.  Apart from this, the students of this amount who are going to take part in any competitive exam or government job examination, will definitely get auspicious results this year.

 Saturn will be present in your third house throughout the year and the transit of Saturn and Jupiter will provide stability in your relationship.  You will feel a sense of satisfaction in your existing relationship and there is also a strong possibility of increasing your social honor.  However, if you talk about single people of this zodiac, then they may have to wait for some time for love in their life.  Also Rahu Ketu will affect your seventh and first house respectively in this whole year which indicates that married people of this zodiac may face strong opposition from their spouses.  This year, due to your hard work and focus, you will achieve success in your business and career.  After April 2021, due to aspect of Jupiter on tenth house, you will get growth and development in your career.  Apart from this, you will get success in getting wealth at the beginning of this year of the year because Jupiter is in the eleventh house aspect during this time.

 An auspicious event can be celebrated in your home family, due to which you will have to spend a lot of money.  In terms of health, kidney infections or urin-related diseases can trouble you.  However, some serious illness will not happen to you this year and you will feel fit and healthy this whole year.  You will work more efficiently and confidently this year.  Talking about the health of the people of Scorpio zodiac, this year he is going to be very average, so you are advised to take special care of your health.  Along with this, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun will transit in different zodiac signs in the year 2021 and will affect different aspects of your life.
 The lord of career Surya is situated in your second house of wealth with Mercury, and is creating Budhaditya Yoga.  In such a situation, this year you will achieve success in every field in terms of jobs.  You will get a promotion.  Also, if you are thinking about changing job then here too you will get favorable result.  Apart from this, the people of this amount who are associated with the government job, bank job or sports related field will get success this year.  Your sense of intuition will be helpful this year in making the right decision for your career.  According to Scorpio Annual Horoscope 2021, you will get a good understanding of what will be good for you in terms of career as a result of the transit of Venus in Sagittarius in January.

 After the month of April, the aspect of Jupiter on the career sense will make you progressive and successful in your life.  Apart from this, the presence of Saturn in Capricorn will prove to be helpful in taking risks and making you successful in life.  In the field, your opponents or enemies can create problems for you.  In such a situation, you are advised not to show trust and confidence to everyone and do not miss any work to the best of your ability.  If the planets and constellations are in your favor then there is a strong possibility of you making sudden progress in your professional life.  Apart from this, people of this amount will get respect at their workplace.
 Mercury's conjunction with the Sun at the beginning of the year will bring favorable results for you on the economic side.  When you have proper knowledge of people, situations and the surrounding environment then you are able to earn a reasonable income for yourself.  The beginning of the year is not favorable for investment or expenditure.  On January 05, the transit of Mercury in Capricorn may prove adverse for you, so during this time you are advised to avoid any kind of expenditure.

 You are advised to be cautious during the month of March, so that no one can cheat you financially or take advantage of you.  After this, in the month of April, you will gain strength in terms of financial side.  After the conversion of Jupiter into Aquarius on April 6, you will gain stability in terms of economic aspect throughout the year.  However, you may need to pay attention to small changes from time to time.  You can buy or invest land, house or vehicle etc. as a result of Jupiter's transit in the fourth house.
 Marital life and children
 You will get mixed results in your married life this year.  Venus, the lord of marital life, is in a union with Ketu, as well as Rahu's presence in the seventh house can lead to a fight between couples over unnecessary issues.  However the best thing here is that you will not leave each other in difficult times.  Apart from this, many different types of health problems can negatively affect your married life.

 In the month of May, you are advised to be cautious as any small issue can become big during this time and can worsen the situation.  Apart from this, if you have auspicious months, then January, March-April, May, June and October will prove to be auspicious in terms of marital life.  Spend as much time as possible with your spouse for better understanding and strength in your relationship.  This year is going to be very good for children as well.  Apart from this, there is a possibility of some obstacles in the attainment of your child as a result of Saturn's influence on the fifth house.  However after pleasing Saturn, you can get auspicious results in this context.  Overall, in terms of children, this year you will get full support of luck and prosperity.
 This year will yield mixed results.  Mars, the lord of your health, is located in the sixth house of Aries in the beginning of this year.  The people of this zodiac have any disease related to kidney or urin, they are advised to take special care.  During the first few months of the year, such as January, February and March, health issues can cause problems for you, so it is advisable to take proper care and medication, as advised by the doctor, from time to time.  You are also advised to make daily routine, improve your food and avoid any kind of negligence.
 Your health and energy levels are going to be very delicate this year compared to last year, but things will start improving by the end of the year.  Talk about stressful months, then for this year, the most stressful months for you are from January to February, May to July to August.  During this time, do not be afraid to see troubles, but take proper rest and work with patience, because this time will also pass soon.

 Worship of Lord Ganesha
 And chant the mantras of Lord Vishnu regularly.

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