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horoscope Taurus Monthly (Apr 20 - May 20)

People born in Taurus can get mixed benefits this month, especially in terms of their relationships, career, health and wealth.  The position of the Sun in the 11th house, along with Venus, can have a positive effect on the career.  The change of sun in mid-March, which may be of some benefit to you.  But spending can also increase. You are advised to be careful and do not become egoistic towards your friends and colleagues.  Saturn and Jupiter can have great spiritual impact on you as they are still in 9th position.  There are many positive aspects to your luck, which can help you succeed this month.  You can progress in work, learn to appreciate life and feel the need to grow spiritually.  There may also be some foreign trips.  You can improve your relationships through your love and positive feelings.  You may also find a steady increase in your investment, while new business partners may also be favorably disposed towards you.  This month promises you some success in your career, and planetary positions can introduce you to networking circles and peers.  Taking proper diet and exercising can also help you stay fit.  However, planetary positions can give you some diseases related to work-stress such as neck pain and backache, so be careful not to stress yourself too much.  Due to the positive position of the planets, the students may find this time to some extent.  This can give them bright minds and make them lucky.  They get ready to learn new things and can succeed in their exams.

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