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horoscope Taurus Monthly (Apr 20 - May 20)

“Harmony” will be a keyword for you this month, dear Taurus, as the sun, Venus and Mercury continue to journey through Scorpio and your solar seventh house. These vibes are all about embracing healthy companionship, grace and self-care as the stars encourage you to lean into love.

Unfortunately, rocky waters might manifest when Venus opposes Uranus on November 5, threatening to usher in some unexpected drama while throwing you for a major loop. Restless energy could also stir up trouble in your closest relationships, but try not to act or speak impulsively, especially if emotions are running high.
You’ll feel a shift when Venus, your planetary ruler, enters sparkling Sagittarius on the fifteenth, helping you to better understand where your heart should be committed. Being vulnerable with others will suddenly feel safer and more appealing, though you’ll want to make sure you’re not ignoring red flags simply because you have chemistry with someone.

These vibes can play tricks on your heart if you’re not careful, making it important that you identify and honor the difference between passion, lust and love. Intense bonds are liable to form with anyone you invest your time in, though logic and discernment can help you weed out any situations that might lead to a broken heart.

Sagittarius season manifests on November 22, asking you to focus on your journey and how you’d like to evolve your image. Try to spend more time working on yourself right now, finding a healthy balance between solitude and nurturing your relationships. A philosophical approach toward your goals can also help you transform into the person you hope to become, so don’t be afraid to ask the other side for a little bit of support.

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