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Taurus yearly horoscope (Apr 20 - May 20)

This year Saturn will be in the ninth house in Capricorn and Rahu will be in the first house of Taurus.  Jupiter will be located in the ninth house at the beginning of the year 2021.  On 06 April, Jupiter will enter the tenth house of Aquarius and Jupiter will transit in the ninth house once again in September.  After this on 20 November, Jupiter will once again enter the tenth house of Aquarius.  At the same time, Mars will move at its normal speed.
 From the beginning of the year 2021, Mars will remain in the twelfth house of its own zodiac.  This will give you the proper energy and eagerness to accomplish your life goals.  Venus in the seventh house will provide positivity in your marital life, although Mars in the twelfth house can cause troubles in married life at the beginning of the year.
 Throughout this year, Saturn will help you to move forward in your life and you will get full support of your destiny.  At the same time, Jupiter Dev will help you in solving your problems.
This year is going to be very good in terms of your career, because Saturn is situated in the ninth house of luck and luck which will surely give you the fruits of your hard work.  .  During this time your workload is going to be very high, due to which you will also get progress in the field.  Apart from this, your salary is also likely to increase this year by the grace of Saturn.  That is, overall this year will be great for you in terms of career.  Due to which you will get lucky and you will achieve maximum success in your career.
 As a result of the position of Saturn, this year you will also be able to get the desired transfer in your job, due to which your promotion is also likely.  As Saturn is considered a planet of hard work, so you have to work hard this year to achieve your desired and successful career.
  Also, because Mars is in the twelfth house and is looking at the seventh house of business and partnership, the chances of loss increases during this time.  Also, your business relationship may get interrupted, so it is advisable to take any decision carefully to step into any new venture.  The transit of Jupiter in the tenth house on April 06 is creating the possibility of promotion in the life of professional natives.  Apart from this, the natives working in the field of land or any such business will get benefits during this time.
 However, in the middle of this year, some of the natives of this zodiac may consider a change in their existing profession / job.  However, it is advisable not to be impulsive.  Before taking any action, be sure to check its positive and negative aspects.  You will get the fruits of hard work done in your work area in the past.  You will gain stability in life in terms of career.  Do not trust your position.  Do not depend on your destiny.  Keep in mind that whatever success you will achieve this year will be achieved through hard work.
At the beginning of this year, Sun and Mercury will be present in your eighth house, which will strengthen your economic side, besides Mars will be located in the twelfth house for your zodiac sign, which will increase your expenses during this time.  As far as possible, reduce your expenses. During this period, Taurus  will get money investment opportunities. Take a careful decision and take care from the financial side and avoid making any major investment.
 Along with this, during the month of September and November you are advised to be very cautious.  During this time, you have to be careful while doing any work related to any money, otherwise you may face some heavy loss.
  You may have to face physical ailments during this time because of Venus, the lord of health, is in the seventh house.  Because of which there is a possibility of causing some kind of physical trouble in your life.  Apart from this, the presence of Rahu and Ketu in the first and seventh house can bring health problems for you.  You can resort to yoga and meditation etc. to reduce your mental stress.
 Mars will transit in the twelfth house of the Taurus zodiac early this year, and at the same time your eighth house will also have the conjunction of Sun and Mercury, which will work to increase your mental stress and physical pain.  In the middle of this year, you will see positive improvement in your health.  The doctor's advice kept lying down from time to time.
 Marital life and children
 To keep the married life happy, the Taurus zodiacs will have to make a lot of efforts this year.  During this time, the presence of Ketu in your seventh house can create a situation of strife in your married life, due to which any small mistake in your married life can become the reason for big fight.  In the year 2021, the lord of married life, Mars, will be in your twelfth house, due to which you are expected to increase tension and discord with your life partner between the month of February and April.  Unnecessary battles can grow in your relationship at this time.  In such a situation, you are advised to control your behavior to prevent or save problems in married life, otherwise you can hurt your spouse unintentionally.
 In the middle of the year, between 4 May and 28 May, the planet Venus will transit in your ascendant house, which will prove beneficial for the people of Taurus.  But at the end of the year i.e. during the month of October to December, problems in your marital life may increase and your relationship with your life partner is likely to get worse.
 In terms of children, the year 2021 is going to be a great year.  Mercury will create favorable conditions for your children.  The people of this zodiac who have been wishing to have children for a long time, can get success during this period.  However, your children may have some health problems due to which there may be problems in your life.  In such a situation, you are advised to take proper care of your children.  Overall, from the beginning of this year to the end of the year, you are going to get happiness from your child side.
 Include the chanting of Lord Ganesha's mantras in your life and worship Lord Vishnu regularly.

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