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Virgo Yearly horoscope (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

My Jyotish Expert

According to Virgo Horoscope 2021, Mercury, the lord of Virgo, is in the fourth house this year.  In such a situation, this year will be very favorable for the natives of Virgo.  This year, you can resume any pending work and reach it.  At the same time, if you talk according to the family's view, then this year you will get happiness, peace and prosperity.  This year Saturn will be in conjunction with Jupiter in the fifth house in Capricorn and Rahu will be in the ninth house in Taurus.  In the month of April Jupiter will enter the sixth house in Aquarius and in September it will move into the fifth house in Capricorn.  In the middle of November, Margi Jupiter will once again enter the sixth house in Aquarius.  Apart from this, Mars will remain at normal speed this year.  In such a situation, if you talk about competitive exams, then you will get average result in 12 months of this year.
 This year you will get mixed results in your career.  Apart from this, this year will bring very favorable results for those who are thinking about higher education.  The beginning of the year is going to be very auspicious for the students.  Those looking for jobs can get auspicious results in this context after 6 April.  Apart from this, from the economic point of view, 12 months of this year are going to prove favorable for the natives of Virgo.  According to Virgo Annual Horoscope 2021, there will be continuity in your finances this year as Jupiter and Saturn have a combined aspect on your XI.  Apart from this, there will be stability in whatever source of your profits.  You will also benefit from the progress made by your children.  If you invest in the stock market or invest in speculative business, you will earn good profits during this period.  However, as time progresses you may also face some challenges.  Especially after April 2021.
 This year any new form of stress may bother you.  Use patience and patience and make sure that before taking any important decision.  Apart from this you may face some unusual stresses in your life and your career.  However in this way you will get proper lessons to understand the lifestyle and from this you will gain only experience.  During this time you can take some sensible decisions.  Apart from this, the joint child of Saturn and Jupiter will bring happiness to the joint child.
 The beginning of all the months of this year is going to be very favorable for your child.  There is a strong possibility of your children getting admission in a reputed college or institute for higher education.  With this, the beginning of 12 months is going to be very favorable for health.  During this time you will get the boon of healthy health, mentally and physically and because of aspect of Jupiter on your Ascendant house, your health will remain good throughout this year.  Jupiter will transit in the sixth house from the month of April to mid-September.  In such a situation, your health may deteriorate a little during this period and you may also fall ill unexpectedly.  In such a situation, you are advised to get up early in the morning and do workout, yoga, meditation etc.  After mid-September, once again your time is going to be very favorable in terms of health.
 According to career wise, the zodiac signs will get mixed results this year.  The position of Saturn and Jupiter in the fifth house may bring some turmoil or troubles in your business and profession, but over time things will gradually improve and everything will be back on track.  This year will prove to be favorable for those who are related to the business of import-export.  Apart from this, with the combination of Sun and Mercury in the fourth house, the profession will get progress.  The natives of Virgo zodiac want to go abroad, there is a strong possibility of getting auspicious results in this month from January to July.  The effects of Mars transit in mid-May can make things happen according to you.  While you may show haste to finish things early, you are advised to be patient and exercise extreme caution before taking any decision.  Apart from this, if we talk about the lucky months of this year, then the months of January-March and May will prove extremely lucky for the natives of Virgo.  During this time you may also get a promotion or a job transfer.  By the middle of the year you can feel a new energy influence inside you which will help to increase your skills and your interest in learning new things. After this, the next part of the year will be related to the positive presence of planets and constellations.  The reason will prove to be favorable for you, because during this time you are seeing some new opportunities and strong prospects for growth and development in your career and business.
 This year will bring mixed results for the natives of Virgo.  Venus, the lord of finance, is in a conjunction with Ketu in the third house, which indicates that his position will improve in terms of financial side during this period.  The presence of Venus and Ketu will bring many new sources of income in your life.  During the month of January and February, due to the position of Mars in the eighth house you may get opportunities to earn money from secret sources in your life.  Apart from this, the position of Rahu in the ninth house in Taurus sign will give you sudden money benefit, which will make your financial condition stronger overall.
 Opportunities to go abroad for business expansion will bring better results for you.  This year, your second house is in a very strong position and also in the aspect of benefic Jupiter which indicates that in terms of economic side you will get prosperity and abundance this year.  After September, your second house of finance will become very strong.  After this, in the month of April to September when Jupiter is in your sixth house, during this time there is a possibility of increase in your expenses.  Your expenses will increase this year due to Sun being in the fourth house.  The result will be that this year you can spend money on a new vehicle, a house or anything for your pleasure.  The thing to keep in mind is that the natives of Virgo zodiac plan to buy a house this year may face some difficulties.  In such a situation, you are advised to read and understand the investigation thoroughly before signing or signing any deal or deal, and then proceed with it.  Also, it is advisable to control your expenses and keep proper attention on them.
 You will get satisfactory results this year, because there is a possibility of some difficulties in your family life.  Ketu's position in the third house will cause conflict in your family.  However, the siblings will try their best to resolve their differences.  The situation may gradually get worse and you may face problems with your family members, friends, relatives.  There may be debate or fight over ancestral property.  According to Virgo Horoscope 2021, due to the position of the Sun in the fourth house you can fill your ego and at the same time you will be very confident about any matter, so you are advised in advance that while talking, your words  Choose carefully  As time passes and you will meet new people, this will increase your social circle and it will bring positive results in your life.
 This year will bring good health for you.  You will get auspicious results in relation to your health at the beginning of the year by the association of the Sun with Mercury in the fourth house.  Apart from this, the presence of Ketu in the third house will give you proper energy and will also give you courage to maintain your health best.  Due to the position of Jupiter in the sixth house between April to September, you may have any problem related to urinary tract.  Also it is advisable not to ignore any skin related problems during May 2021.  As a result of transit of Jupiter in the sixth house, you may have stomach ache, indigestion and acidity problems.  In such a situation, you are advised to avoid eating junk food as much as possible.  
 Regular worship of Lord Ganesha and chanting mantras of Maa Durg

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