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Astrology 2022: The Setting of Saturn will be very special for these zodiac signs

Aishwarya Keshari MyJyotish Expert Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022 10:40 AM IST
Guru's gochar with Saturn in capricorn
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Saturn is the slowest moving planet among all the nine planets. In Vedic astrology, Shani will set at 18:39 on 24 January 2022 and then rise on 27 February. The setting position of Shani Dev will be important for the transit during this entire time. Shani Dev is considered to be the planet of inspiration for disease, misery, servant, oil and prison. According to a common belief, Lord Shani is considered a cruel planet, but this is not entirely true. Lord Shani is a jurist, who provides fruits to people according to their good or bad deeds. It is believed that those who are aspected by Shani are the time to show problems. The effects of Saturn are going to show ups and downs in all kinds of ways. The effect of *Saturn* transit is going to show many changes and new possibilities in the life of a person. At this time, changes can be seen very fast in the surrounding conditions as well. Saturn is a slow *planet*, so even in its change, the deep effect of this form is seen. When Saturn sets, it shows many broad forms during such time. During this time the commotion between the government and the government is quite special.

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