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Know why Shri Krishna's best friend - Sudama chose a life full of poverty

Amisha Amisha Updated Sat, 07 Aug 2021 01:11 PM IST
Know why Shri Krishna's best friend - Sudama chose a life full of poverty
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According to a belief, there was a very poor Brahmini. She lived completely by begging but unfortunately there came a time when she did not get alms for five days straight in a row. On the fifth day, she slept remembering God, on the sixth day she got only two handfuls of a gram. She
was overjoyed to get the gram, but when she reached the hut, it was night. That Brahmin thought that she would not eat these grams in the night, she would accept them only after offering it to Kanhaiya in the morning. Thinking so, Brahmini wrapped the gram in a cloth. She fell into a deep sleep remembering Kanhaiya's name. But they say! Daane Daane (gram) par likha hai khaane wale ka naam. As soon as the Brahmini was asleep, some thieves came to steal her hut. But there was nothing in that needy Brahmini's hut except a packet of a gram. The thieves found that bundle of the gram, the thieves understood that there were some precious diamond gems in it. Soon Brahmini woke up and started making noise.
Hearing the noise of Brahmini, all the people of the village ran to catch the thieves, the thieves ran away with the bundle. Fearing to be caught, all the thieves hid in the ashram of Sandeepan Muni, where Sudama and Lord Krishna were educated.

Then Gurumata felt that someone had come inside the ashram, Gurumata went ahead to see, the thief felt that someone was coming, the thieves got scared and started running away from the ashram. Those bundles full of gram fell from the thieves while running away. And all the thieves ran
away. On the other hand, Brahmini was troubled by hunger when Brahmini came to know that the thieves had snatched her bundle of a gram. She cursed with a very awful heart that whoever eats the gram of the poor helpless, he will become poor. The same morning when Guru Mata
started sweeping the ashram, then while cleaning, Guru Mata got the same packet of a gram.
When Guru Mata saw the bundle shell, there was a gram in it. Sudama Ji and Krishna were going to bring wood from the forest as usual, when Gurumata gave them the same packet of a gram and said that both of them should eat it when they were hungry, then as soon as Sudama
Ji took the bale of gram, He understood the whole secret. Sudama thought that if Shri Krishna accepted this gram then the whole creation of this universe would become poorer and needy. Thinking this, he himself ate all these gram chickens and took the curse of that poor Brahmini
on himself. But he did not even give a grain of gram to his friend Shri Krishna. To save the universe, Sudama himself spent his whole life in poverty and with friends. You must know that when Sudam went to Dwarka, Lord Krishna had secretly converted his hut into a palace-like his own, but Sudama never went to that palace. He spent the rest of his life at his feet in Krishna's temple.
So, friends, this world is really always grateful to Sudama who dedicated his life to the needy to escape poverty.

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