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Tuesday (Mangalvar) Vrat Udayapen: Vidhi, Samgri, Procedure and Mantras

Aishwarya Keshari My Jyotish Expert Updated Sun, 11 Jul 2021 11:00 PM IST
Lord Hanuman
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Mangalvar Vrat Udyapan
We all are aware of the fact that Lord Hanuman is worshipped on Tuesday (Mangalvar). Little do we know the benefits of fasting on Tuesday. According to scriptures, fasting on Tuesday fulfills all your wishes as to the effect of the planet Mars getting weak. This fast is also very beneficial to remove Shani's Mahadasha and Sade Sati. One gets freedom from sins, and enemies are destroyed. Along with this, magic and black powers can also be avoided. People also fast on this day to get blessed with children or overcome trouble related to children. It is also believed that obstacles coming in your path of progress also get removed if you fast on Tuesday. Bajarangbali Ji is considered the ideal deity of might, strength, service and devotion. For this reason fasting increases honor, courage and effort.

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