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Nostradamus’ predictions for 2022, signs of peace after the catastrophe

Riti My Jyotish Expert Updated Mon, 29 Nov 2021 06:49 PM IST
Nostradamus predictions 2022
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Born on the 13th of December in France in the year 1503 AD, the famous prophet Michael de Nostradamus's book titled “Les Profetis” was published by Mess Brabham of France in the French language on May 4, 1555 AD. The book became so popular even before its publication that buyers stood in long queues on the day of publication. The fame of this book can be known from the fact that its first edition was finished on the very first day itself. In this book, Nostradamus has composed twelve Centuries i.e. twelve hundred quadrupeds. Out of twelve hundred only 955 exist. There are about three thousand predictions in these 955 quadruplets. In the last fifty years, about 800 predictions of Nostradamus have come true. The predictions up to the year 3797 AD are already written in the said centuries. According to these predictions made about 500 years ago, from 1889 to 2243, the second great cycle period of the moon will be there. It is compared by Nostradamus to the silver age of humans. He indicated that in these prophecies he used times and places as symbols and kept the clarity a secret.

The year 2021 is at its end and with the preparations for the beginning of the new year 2022, the prediction of Nostradamus is in the limelight. It is worth noting that the famous French prophet Nostradamus wrote the book "Les Profetis" several hundred years ago. People believe that 70% of his predictions mentioned in the book are true. The predictions of epidemics and destruction etc. by Nostradamus have come true.

Read on to know what interesting and worrying predictions Nostradamus has made about 2022-

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