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Sun transits to Leo: 17 August is the day, Know will your zodiac sign benefit

Prerna Prerna My Jyotish Expert Updated Mon, 16 Aug 2021 04:29 PM IST
Sun transits to Leo: 17 August is the day, Know will your zodiac sign benefit
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The entry of the sun into Leo is going to take place on Tuesday, August 17. The sun is considered to be the Lord of Leo and his return to his zodiac sign after a year will be beneficial for many zodiac signs. The Sun, The King of the planets by reaching its zodiac sign, will be in a very strong position. The good thing is that the sun and the guru will face each other and create an auspicious situation. In such a case, there are some zodiac signs for which this transit of the sun will be particularly fruitful. See which zodiac signs are getting more benefits from the transit of the sun in Leo.
The Sun is the life force of the earth. All the planets revolve around this star of heat and light. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered a planet and it constitutes the soul energy of a native. Know the accurate time and importance of Sun Transit in Leo on 17 August 2021 and find out more about its impact.
This masculine planet is the karaka of a father for a native. A good placement in the chart brings fame to individuals. The supremacy and heat of the Sun are engulfed in the water sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon. It will be transiting from this feminine sign to its own sign of dynamism and aggression that is Leo. This transit will bring a kick start in all the held tasks. It will bring vigor and vitality to the individuals. One will feel confident and unbeatable during this period, gushing with energy and strength to accomplish everything.

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