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Try these remedies for immense wealth, happiness and peace

Drishti Gupta my jyotish expert Updated Tue, 06 Jul 2021 01:31 PM IST
Try these remedies for immense wealth, happiness and peace.
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In the astrology book Lal Kitab, remedies based on the experiences of traditional and local culture have been given. On one hand, where Vastu Shastra has been talked about, on the other hand, oceanography has been told. Come let us know what are the 10 such measures, by which happiness, peace, prosperity and wealth will remain in the house.
Visit Hanuman temple daily and offer water to Peepal. Read Hanuman Chalisa. Offer Chola to Hanumanji. If you cannot go every day, then visit the temple on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Donate yellow clothes, religious books or yellow food items to the aged priest of the temple. 

Keep fast on Ekadashi, Pradosh or Thursday. Wear yellow clothes. Apply saffron or turmeric tilak daily. Apply ghee on the navel. Do not eat salt on Thursday. 

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Do not speak harsh words towards yourself or others. Do not  abuse anyone. Avoid domestic quarrels. Don't bring bad thoughts in your mind. Always think positive. For this, burn camphor daily in the morning and evening at home. 

Get your nose and ears pierced. After checking the horoscope, get the nose pierced on Wednesday or Thursday at a good time. Put a silver wire in the nose for 43 days and then keep a gold wire in the ear. 

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Must keep 10 things in the house. The first is a solid elephant made of silver, the second a stone pot, the third a brass-copper vessel, the fourth an earthen pot of honey, the fifth black antimony, the sixth a silver box filled with water, the seventh antimony, the eighth jaggery, the ninth of silver A square piece and the tenth the picture or idol of Hanumanji. 

Do not angry Saturn, such as adultery, drinking alcohol, doing business of interest and harassing any human or animal. If you cannot donate shadow on every Saturday, then donate oil on at least 11 Saturdays.

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