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Gayatri Jayanti 2021: know about Mata Gayatri, keep these things in mind while chanting the Gayatri mantra.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Jun 2021 10:00 AM IST
Goddess Gayatri
Goddess Gayatri - Photo : Google
Who is Maa Gayatri?
As per the beliefs The four Vedas, Shastras, and Shrutis are originated from Gayatri, because of the origin of the Vedas, mata is known as Vedmata, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are also considered to be the adoration of the three gods, hence she is also called Devmata. It is believed that the goddess of all knowledge is mata Gayatri, that is why Gyan-Ganga is also known as Gayatri. She is also known as the second wife of goddess Brahma. Gayatri is also an avatar of Mata Parvati, Saraswati & Lakshmi. The Gayatri Mantra contains the essence of the four Vedas

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The summer Solstice day- 21st of June

Therefore, on the day of Gayatri Jayanti, one should chant Gayatri Mantra. As per the scriptures, the Gayatri Mantra had appeared from the mouth of Brahma Ji at the beginning of its creation. By the grace of Mata Gayatri, Brahmaji interpreted the Gayatri Mantra in the form of four Vedas with his four faces. In the beginning, the glory of mata Gayatri was only available to the deities, but Maharishi Vishwamitra brought the glory of the mother by doing severe penance.
The summer Solstice day- 21st of June

Keep these things in mind while chanting Gayatri Mantra
This mantra can be recited at any time in the morning or in the evening. Keep the mind pure, then take bath for Gayatri Mantra Wear clean and cotton clothes. Place a seat on a cushion or mat, Use tulsi or sandalwood garland for chanting. Chant Gayatri Mantra in Brahmamuhurta i.e. about 2 hours before dawn facing east. In the evening, within an hour of sunset, complete the recitation by facing west.

However, this mantra can be chanted in the mind at any time. If chanting is interrupted due to defecation or any accidental act, wash your hands and feet and start reciting it again.

Gayatri Jayanti Special: Health Benefits of Chanting Gayatri Mantra !!
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