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Naina Devi Temple

Myjyotish Expert Updated 14 Apr 2021 07:50 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

"Naini Devi Temple", the back seat of great knowledgeable power religions in Nainital district in the state of Uttarakhand, is a sacred place of sacred devotion. A grand temple of Maa Naina Devi Temple is situated near Mallipital on the banks of Naini Lake in Nainital. The Naina Devi temple is also famous for its main Shakti Peethas. The Naina Devi temple is mentioned in the Kushan period. Built in the 15th advertisement, the idol of Naina Devi Temple was installed in 1842 by a devotee Moti Ram Shah. This temple was destroyed by landslides in the year 1880.

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It was later rebuilt. The Shakti form of Sati is worshiped here. Devotion to "Naina Devi" is done in the Naina Devi temple and this temple is located in the northern Siri end of the Naini lake. The special thing of this temple is that the Goddess of this temple is not seated in the temple in its fullness, but only two eyes of the goddess are seated in the temple. Devotees of the Goddess come from far and wide to seek the blessings of Goddess Naina. There are various types of flowers in the temple courtyard, which adds to the beauty of the temple. A grand fair is organized in the temple on the day of Nanda Ashtami. This festival lasts for 8 days. On this day, the idol of Naina
Devi's sister Nanda Devi is immersed in this fair.

In the Naina Devi temple, mother's nayan’s are worshiped as Pindi. The natural views of Naini Lake and Nainital can be enjoyed from this temple. There are different types of flowers in the temple courtyard, which adds more  beauty to the  temple. A grand fair is organized in the temple on the day of Nanda Ashtami. On this day, the idol of Naina Devi's sister, Nanda Devi, is immersed in this fair. In the Naina Devi temple, mother's nayan’s are worshiped as Pindi. This temple is just 2.5 km from Nainital bus stand and can be reached in just 9 minutes by rickshaw. There is no entry fee to enter this temple and the opening time of the temple is from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Mythology of Naina devi temple :-
The Hindu text also provides information about the historical significance of the Naina Devi temple. According to the legend, Uma, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati, was married to Lord Shiva. Daksha Prajapati did not like Shiva at all, but Daksha Prajapati could not refuse the requests of the deities, so he did not want his daughter to marry Lord Shiva. Once Daksha Prajapati performed a yajna in which he invited all the gods but did not invite his son-in-law Shiva and daughter Uma. But Goddess Uma stubbornly reaches into the yagna. When Goddess Uma sees her father's yagna in Haridwar in the yagna honoring all the gods and her husband and being insulted by him, the goddess Uma gets very sad and jumps into the Havan Kund of the yagna saying "I am next I will make Shiva my lord (husband) only at birth, as a result of the insult that you have done to my husband and me, I fail your yagna by burning myself in the Havan Kund of the yagna ”.

History of Naina Devi Temple When Lord Shiva comes to know that Goddess Uma Sati (death has been attained), then his anger is not limited. Lord Shiva destroys and corrupts the Yajna of Daksha Prajapati through his ganas. All the Gods and Goddesses are shocked to see Lord Shiva's anger-form so that Shiva does not cause a catastrophe, so the Gods and Goddess pray to Lord Shiva and pacify their anger. Daksha Prajapati also apologizes to Lord Shiva, but upon seeing the burnt body of Goddess Uma i.e. Sati, Lord Shiva's serenity rises and Lord Shiva starts traveling to the sky by placing Sati's burnt body on his shoulder. In such a situation, the place where the body parts of Goddess Uma or Sati fell, Shakti Peeth fell on that place. At the place where Sati's Nayan fell, there was a grand place of Goddess Uma i.e. Nanda Devi in the form of Naina Devi. Today Nainital is the place where the eyes (eyes) of Goddess Uma fell. There were 51 pieces of Sati's body where each Shaktipeeth was installed. It is believed that a rhythm has been formed at this place by the tearful tears of the goddess (tear drops of eyes, since then continuously Shivapatni Parvati is worshiped as "Naina Devi".
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