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Temples to visit in Haridwar

Myjyotish Expert Updated 10 Apr 2021 01:13 PM IST
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Top seven temples to visit in Haridwar:
  1. Mansa Devi Temple:
This is one of the prime holy places in Haridwar and most famous Hindu temple dedicated to “Goddess Mansa Devi”. It is believed that the goddess is emerged from the mind of Lord Shiva and considered as the form of “Shakti”. This temple is one of the 5 pilgrimages in Haridwar and is situated at the top of Bilwa Parvat on the Shivalik Hills. It is believed that if you pray with full devotion all the wishes will be fulfilled. People even offer flowers, coconut etc. to please Goddess.

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Best time to visit the temple is during Navratri. 
  1. Chandi Devi Temple:
This temple is considered as one of the most charming religious places in Haridwar, is situated in the Neel Parvat of the Shivalik Hills. It was built in the year 1929 by the King of Kashmir and is believed that the Goddess’s idol was established on 8th century. This place is famous by the name “Siddha Peetha” and known for fulfilling the wishes of devotees. For reaching to the temple there is a ropeway cable car which make it more magnificence.
Best time to visit the temple is during Chandi Chaudas, Navratri and Kumbh Mela.
  1. Bharat Mata Mandir:
This temple is one of the significant temples where people love to come from the corners of the country is located in the heart of the city. This is the most famous and greatest temple in Haridwar as this temple is dedicated to Mother India. The place is believed to have the spiritual beauty for the devotees. It is believed that the temple was built by the Hindu Saint, Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya and is the Lord Vishnu’s presiding deity. The place has its mention in the Hindu religious Scriptures such as Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana.
Best time to visit the temple is on Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day.
  1. Maya Devi Temple:
It is considered as one of the holy places constructed in the 11th century. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Maya, a form of ‘Adi Shakti’ and known as one of the three Shaktipeeth located in Haridwar. Due to this deity Haridwar is also known as ‘Mayapuri’. The temple also has the idols of Goddess Kamakhya and goddess Kali who are also considered as the form of Adi Shakti. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan and cut Sat’s body into pieces to rescue the universe from the rage of Lord shiva. It is believed that those broken pieces fell in the 52 different parts in the subcontinent of India, the temple is established in the place where the heart and naval fell and thus considered as special Shakti peeth of all.
Best time to visit this temple is on Navratri and Kumbh Mela.
  1. Shri Chintamani Parswanath Jain Temple:
One of the famous Jain Temple holds the special place among the Jain community and is visited by everyone due to its unique design, architecture makes it unique from all. The holiness of the temple is being enhanced by its Divine aura. It was built in 1990 by the Saint Padam Sagar Suri Maharaj and became a centre of aspiration for Jains. The temple looks beautiful as it was constructed with the Jaisalmer stone with Jain’s architectural designs.
Best time to visit the temple is round the year.
  1. Har Ki Pauri:
Har Ki Pauri is one of the most holy ghats of India, it is the place where the people from the different corners of the country come to seek the blessings of “Holy Ganga”. It is believed that dipping in the pure water of Ganga washes away all the sins and ‘Brahmakund’ is the place where the evening and morning aarti takes place and considered as one of the four places where the ‘Amrit’ fell by the celestial bird Garuda. It is the place where Ganga flows through Himalayas touches the plains. The river is illuminated with thousand of golden diyas and flowers along with the sound of chanting mantras and prayers gives the spiritual vibes and offers spiritual retreat.
Best time to visit this temple is from the month March to October and during Vaisakhi, Diwali, Kumbh Mela and Chhath.
  1. Daksha Mahadev Temple:
This is the famous temple located in Kankhal, Haridwar, Daksha Mahadev Tem is dedicated to Lord Shiva and devotees come there to worship in the auspicious month of Sawan in August. The temple was named after the King Daksha Prajapti who was the father of Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. In Hindu mythology Daksha is the protector of life and one of the 14 Prajapatis, a creator. It is known as one of the five holy places in Haridwar. It is known as the adjacent to the famous Das Mahavidya temple, which is dedicated to the Mahavidyas.
Best time to visit in Mahashivratri.
Thus, Haridwar is the place filled with mystical air and is the perfect option for people to spend their holidays who are seeking spiritual intervention and want to get closer to nature. This place is considered to be the reflection of the Indian Culture.
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