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Travel Destination : Shiv Khori Cave

Myjyotish Expert Updated 13 Apr 2021 10:46 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

You will be well acquainted with Amarnath, the world famous shrine of Lord Shiva located in Jammu and Kashmir, but here is another ancient and historical temple of Lord Shiva named Shivkhodi Dham. It is believed that if you see God in this temple, then you are sure to go to heaven. Shivkhodi is such a supernatural and wonderful cave in which Lord Shiva resides with his entire family and it is believed that the path of this cave leads directly to the heavenly world because the stairs leading to heavenly world are also built here and The other end of this cave leads directly to the Amarnath cave.

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This cave is seen in the form of a Ardh-Narishwar form of God, the name of this cave of Lord Shiva is Shiva Khodi which is about 70 km from Jammu which is located in Reasi district of Jammu division. There is a natural Shivling in this cave, whose height is between three and a half to four and a half feet, not only that, there are droplets of amrit i.e. the drops of Ganga water continuously dripping on this Shivling. According to ancient stories, earlier the milk stream used to continuously fall on this Shivalinga because Kamadhenu cow's udder also remains above these Shivalinga. According to the stories, Lord Shiva resides with his entire family in this Shiva cave, while 33 koti Gods and Goddesses also reside in this cave.

According to story, Bhasmasura worshiped Lord Shiva and pleased him, as a result of which Shiva booned him and  said whenever u placed your hand on a someone’s head, he will be burned there. After getting a boon from Shiva, Bhasmasura became arrogant. He thought of devouring Shiva, only in his ego and started chasing him. Sensing the intention of Bhasmasur , Lord Shiva came to the hills of Shivkhori and sat in a cave in the form of Pigeon. After seeing this Lord Vishnu took a seductive form started dancing in front of Bhasmasur. Seeing the beautiful Dance and a beautiful woman, Bhasmasura also started dancing with her. Then Vishnu placed his hand on his head, Bhasmasura followed him and placed his hand on his head, after which he burned himself.

The natural cave of Shivkhodi is situated in the hills of Sangad. The way to get inside the old cave is quite narrow and zigzagged. From there, one can get out only by standing or sitting. About thirteen years ago, a new cave was built by the Konkan Railway, so that devotees can enter in any way. Shivkhodi base camp can be reached from Ransu by any vehicle from Jammu, Katra, Udhampur or any other place. It is a simple four-kilometer climb from the base camp to the cave. Apart from this, service of horse sedan can also be taken.
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