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acharya ravi sharma

acharya ravi - Vedic Astrologer

acharya ravi sharma

Specialist: Astrology Science Language: Hindi, English


11 rupees per minute 44 rupees per minute for outside India

My grandfather was a well-known astrologer, father also received education from Varanasi and Ujjain. Since childhood, being more interested in religious rituals and astrology, I studied BA (Shastri) in astrology from Vikram University, Ujjain and MA Acharya. Did research on Raja Yoga from Maharishi Panini University. Astrology is the ancient method of knowing the planets. In this, there is a technique to know the effect of planets on human life and how man can avoid the defects of planets etc. Astrology is a kind of mathematical calculation of planets. Due to which the favorable and unfavorable effects of planetary positions on humans are known. The effect of which planet will be good, which will be bad. By detecting their defects, their effect can be eliminated. Human life is also affected according to the directions and circumstances of the planet, constellation, nature, universe etc. These have an effect on the life of a human being. Under the result astrology, the diagnosis of planetary pain can be done at the right time.

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