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Shani Sade Sati Shanti Puja

Ashtam, Kantak Shani, Sadde Saati Shanti Puja

By: MyJyotish Expert

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Saturn the planet of limitation is known for justice, hard work, subordinates, profession, real estate, disease, old age. In transits Saturn placement in 4th house t Natal Moon causes a period of Kantak shani.  Transiting Saturn placement in 8th house from Natal Moon causes a period of Ashtam shani.   Saturn transit over 12thand 2nd house from Natal Moon and over natal moon  causes a period of Sadde Saati.  The saade Saati continues for 7.6 years.

Ashtam Shani, kantak shani and Sadde saati can give 

  • Sorrow, problem , stagnations
  • Losses in business.
  • Problems in getting job or no promotion in job
  • Family unrest
  • Financial problems
  • Issues related to clients, labour and staff.

Ashtam Shani, kantak shani and Sadde saati is performed 

  • To regulate the negative effects conferred by the Shani to native
  • Gain positive power of shani for better life
  • Prosperous life
  • Stable and happy family life
  • Good profession
  • Good financial status
  • Fame, recognition and respect in life
  • Good Health

How this Puja will be performed ?  

Once you Order the abhishek or puja, keeping with Vedic Traditions, we will get Sankalp from you over phone.  As per vedic rituals to carry out any puja a Sankalp is must. No remedies, puja or karma yields results without Sankalpa. No devotee can get desired result without having Sankalp.  Sankalp is a declaration to self and to the God within of performing a ritual to appease the supreme. As per Vedas the whole Universe is evolved through a Sankalpa (determination) of Lord Sriman Naaraayana. Thus it’s utmost and foremost for any puja.  

After having Sankalp from you, our experienced pundits adhering strictly to Vedic rituals and traditions will performs rituals of shanti puja. We will share date and time of puja as well as a link through which you can view the process of puja virtually in real time.  

On competition of the Puja we will send following items to you   

  • Pachmeva 
  • A small packet containing daan items related to planet Saturn. The same should be immersed in running water on any Saturday before sunset.   

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