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Sarv Rog Nivaran Anusthan

Sarv Rog Nivaran Anusthan

By: MyJyotish Expert

Rs. 5,000
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If you are suffering from an undetectable disease or unknown cause for your health concerns, if despite health advice and treatment from various doctors you are not getting relief, health issues are turning troublesome day by day than Sarv Rog Nivaran anustan is ultimate to overcome your concerns and issues in no time. With divine blessings of Lord Ganesha this sadhana is powerful one for wellbeing and keeping enemies at bay  .  

How this Anusthan will be performed?

Once you Order the abhishek or puja, keeping with Vedic Traditions, we will get Sankalp from you over phone.  As per vedic rituals to carry out any puja a Sankalp is must. No remedies, puja or karma yields results without Sankalpa. No devotee can get desired result without having Sankalp.  Sankalp is a declaration to self and to the God within of performing a ritual to appease the supreme. As per Vedas the whole Universe is evolved through a Sankalpa (determination) of Lord Sriman Naaraayana. Thus it’s utmost and foremost for any puja.  

After having Sankalp from you, our experienced pundits adhering strictly to Vedic rituals and traditions will performs rituals of sadhana for regular 2 days, they will energize Lord Ganesha Yantra and roots of Calotropis and Eranda  tree for you  

On competition of the anusthan the same will be sent to you. You need to keep this idol at your workplace and lit pure ghee diya before it and seek blessing from the same daily. After showing Calotropis and Eranda tree roots to the patient with right hand, nip the same anywhere in garden of the home. If you are not having a garden to can nip it  in any potted plant at your home  . It has been seen and witnessed that with blessing of Lord Ganesha many got benefitted from this anusthan in no time.  

After completion of anusthan we will send you 

  • Energized Lord Ganesha Yantra.  
  • Energized root of Calotropis and Eranda  tree 

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