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Rajeev Kumar

Rajeev - Vedic Astrologer

Rajeev Kumar

Specialist: Astrology Science Language: Hindi, English


11 rupees per minute 44 rupees per minute for outside India

I am Rajeev Kumar, an astrologer specializing in Nadi, Vedic and Prashana astrology.I give astrological guidance to many people everyday through my years of experience and knowledge. And also provide accurate astrological remedies for their problems.
Till date, I have told many people about their hidden talents and abilities by looking at their birth chart. As a result of which they again move forward to achieve success in their life. My aim is to serve humanity with the help of astrology. Although I am a trained mechanical engineer. But astrology has been my passion since childhood. I feel very relieved when through my guidance and astrological remedies, one's sorrows and troubles are eradicated. I know very well what kind of problems come in people's lives these days. And accordingly I give them advice on education, career, marriage, match making, childbirth, foreign travel, Muhurat, auspicious numbers for vehicles, etc. Along with this, I also do question Prashana related work, for those people who do not have their birth related information. Working as an astrologer for so many years, it has become my way of looking at life that any problem, everything can be cured with the help of astrological remedies. Explore your life to know and live it meaningfully.

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