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Taara Malhotra

TAARA - Vedic Astrologer

Taara Malhotra

Specialist: Astrology Science, Tarot Language: Hindi, English


150 rupees per minute 600 rupees per minute for outside India

Taara Malhotra has been given the title of Navratna in spiritual healing, Energy Empress and a Shining Star in occult sciences and spiritual learning, has over a decade of experience. True to her name, she is the light that shines for thousands of seekers who are walking the path of spiritual growth and self-empowerment. An illuminating personality, she is known for her positive, proactive, and compassionate attitude. She is a person who has always followed her heart; taking a cue from the directions given by the Universe and growing throughout the process of self-growth.

Today, she is well-reckoned as India’s leading Celebrity Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Clairvoyant, Spiritual & Karmic Healer. She invests her passion and commitment as an Energy Healer, Spiritualist, Clairvoyant, and Psychic Soul. Being gifted since childhood, she has been sensing energies and hearing voices even as a child. She uses her gift to provide healings and remedies free of cost to underprivileged people. She has a decade long experience in using various blends of Healing Techniques, Sacred Codes, Mantras, Yantras, channelize through Akashic records & Angels and also through the visions during the session to give the best magical guidance & solutions to help and counsel people lead a happy life and do away with confusion.

Taara is one of the most trusted names I divine energy as she has healed numerous cancer and paralysis patients using her expertise in alternative healing techniques. She says, “I am humbled and blessed to help people train themselves and empower with knowledge and wisdom of occult sciences, spiritual learning, divine energy, and healing techniques. Doing all this is my calling and winning people’s trust and affection is the biggest reward.”

To add to her a never-ending list of credentials is one more fact - She has been a source of spiritual guidance  and healing to top Bollywood celebrities including big names like Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Ranvir Singh, Alia Bhatt, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, and many more.


Taara is also a Certified Reiki GrandMaster, Certified Tarot Card Reader, Lenormand Card Reader, Numerologist, Astrologer, Coffee Cup Reader, Karmic Healer, Lama Fera Master, Switchword Expert, Crystal Healer, Wiccan, Runes Reader, Spiritual Healer and has mastered various aspects of Aura reading & scanning, Angels, Fairies, Unicorns, Spell Crafting, Wizards, Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, LOA’s and she uses all this knowledge to guide people and bringing them in sync with their soul plan.

Being the Director of “Divine Energy Bliss” & “Center for Occult and Spiritual Learning” (CFOSL), she spearheads the learning programs, courses, and training in all the above modalities across the globe. She follows her passion for conducting workshops and training people in these modalities to help live them their best lives.

One can usually find her on TV shows, reading her exclusive columns which keep getting printed in magazines and newspapers and on exclusively.



Her passion has been duly acknowledged by the Universe as she is honored with top awards and accolades in Occult Sciences, Spiritual Heading and other Healing Modalities including –

• The Kohinoor Award for Outstanding Work in Occult & Spiritual World Year

• National Choice award as Best Holistic Healer & Tarot Card Reader Year


• Titled as NAVRATNA in Occult, Alternative & Spiritual Healings

• Energy Empress in 2016

• Nari Shakti Samaan as 51 Most Influential Woman of India

• Ravishing Wedding Award for "Most Talented International Spiritual Healer & Life Coach"

• Indian Icon Award in Vaastu & Tarot

• Inspiring Women Achiever Award in "Tarot Card & Numerology"

• Woman with Spirit Award for contribution towards Healing o…

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