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Anointing Of Mustard Oil On Mahashivratri Will Give Relief From Debt Destruction Of Enemies And Victory In Lawsuits 18 February 2023

Anointing of mustard oil on Mahashivratri will give relief from debt, destruction of enemies and victory in lawsuits: 18 February 2023

By: MyJyotish Expert

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According to religious stories and legends, it is believed that Lord Shri Ram performed this puja before leaving for Lanka to save Sita from Ravana.

Benefits of anointing with mustard oil on the occasion of Maha Shivratri

  • Along with immense peace and positivity comes the bliss of a healthy mind and a perfect body.
  • One gets freedom from court cases and legal hassles.
  • All debts and financial problems get resolved.
  • Get blessed with a prosperous life.
  • Enemies are conquered.

Lord Shiva is considered as the creator and destroyer of the universe. Many forms of Lord Shiva are worshipped. Among the many incarnations of Lord Shiva, one incarnation is of Rudra form. Worshiping Lord Shiva in this form is known as Rudrabhishek. Vedic scriptures give it a place in the category of very important worship and it is said to give the best results only because of its Vedic period form.

The position of the planets at the time of Rudrabhishek also becomes very helpful in providing favorability and auspiciousness. At the time of Rudrabhishek, the flow of energies flows in a very positive way. Auspicious results are obtained for all the actions performed during Rudrabhishek. This abhishek is considered very good for getting rid of any kind of suffering.

What is Rudrabhishek?
Rudrabhishek means the ritual bathing of the Shiva Lingam which is called Abhishek. Shiva Lingam is very important as it represents Lord Shiva. This pleases Lord Shiva because Shiva is easily pleased and gives quick results and is the giver of love, marriage, happiness, prosperity, power and knowledge. Rudrabhishek Yagya is the most important, biggest and popular religious spiritual festival to please Lord Shiva.


Benefits of Rudrabhishek Puja
Rudrabhishek is done in many ways. The materials used in Abhishek have their own importance. Whatever Rudrabhishek is done with, that thing is going to affect one or the other area of ​​life very deeply. Different types of oils are also used for Rudrabhishek and different results are obtained from these.

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Our Worship Services :-

A link will be sent to you at the time of worship, through which you will be able to enjoy and benefit from worship by watching the worship live. Along with this, Rudrabhishek will be done after worshiping Mahadev with complete rituals.


enemy destroyer

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