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Get Mahakal S Maharudrabhishek And Rudri Path Done This Savan Shivratri 2023 With 11 Special Items By 11 Brahmins

Get Mahakal's Maharudrabhishek and Rudri Path done this Savan Shivratri, 2023, with 11 special items by 11 Brahmins

By: MyJyotish Expert

Rs. 5,100
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Auspicious results of the Maharudrabhishek and Rudri Path:-

  • Obstacles in business are removed.
  • Attract wealth and wiseness
  • Entice prosperity.
  • Win over all enemies
  • Gain respect
  • Sorrows Vanish
  • Special blessings of Maa Lakshmi are received

This Maharudrabhishek is one of the most effective ways to please Shiv Shankar, by doing it once every Sawan, all the misfortunes go away.

The month of Sawan is very special for the devotees of Shiva. Savan Shivratri is no less than a celebration for the devotees of Shiva. In this month, all the wishes sought from Shiva are fulfilled. That's why this day has great importance in Shiva worship.

Shiva's Maharudrabhishek will be done with the following items: -

  • Milk: For the atmosphere of the house to remain pleasant and pure
  • Curd: To avoid family discord and sudden loss
  • Honey: for the attainment of knowledge
  • Sugar: for communication of happiness
  • Coconut water: To remove enemy effects and evil spirits
  • Bhasma: For the destruction of enemies
  • Rainwater: to destroy negative forces
  • Sugarcane Juice: To Attain Lakshmi
  • Ganges water: To remove the defects created by the planets
  • Cannabis: for the attainment of pleasant health
  • Ghee: To remove obstacles in business


Our Services:-

Rudrabhishek will be done with all the rites, rituals and chantings by Pandit ji.
Sankalp will be done on calls by Pandit Ji. All the material used in Abhishek will be given by Pandit Ji.

Offerings: -
Dry Bhog
Holy ashes
Sacred Black thread (for tying in hand)

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