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Get Rudrabhishek Done In Ujjain S Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga For Long Life And Good Health This Sawan 04 July To 31 August 2023

Get Rudrabhishek done in Ujjain's Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga for long life and good health, this Sawan - 04 July to 31 August 2023

By: MyJyotish Expert

Rs. 5,100
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Auspicious results of Rudrabhishek: -

  • Obstacles to business are removed.
  • Progress in education and job.
  • No shortage of wealth and prosperity
  • Peace and Happiness come along
  • Poverty ends.

Ujjain is the city of Mahadev
Ujjain is the only place of Shiva's worship where he is seated with his power in the Vam form. Ujjain is believed to be located at a special place on this planet "where all sins are destroyed"; A holy place where the blessings of the Divine Mother, Harsiddhi and Matrika are received. Where God resides and even death cannot harm you here. This place is considered to give salvation.

Mahakal worship in Ujjain
Ujjain is also known as the city of Mahakal. It is said that by worshipping in Ujjain during Sawan, Mahadev takes away all your troubles. No obstacle comes in your life and success is always with you. The abode of sorrow and pain ends, and life becomes happy. This place is considered to be the original place of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Our Services :
Sankalp will be done by our Pandit Ji before the rituals. Along with this, Rudrabhishek will be done after worshipping Mahadev with complete rituals.

• dry Bhog
• Baba's holy ashes
• Sacred Black thread (for tying in hand)

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