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Kalashtami Worship And Offerings At The Ancient Kalbhairav Temple In Delhi Will Make A Bad Thing 16 December 2022

Kalashtami worship and offerings at the ancient Kalbhairav ​​temple in Delhi will make a bad thing - 16 December 2022

By: MyJyotish Expert

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Auspicious results of Kalbhairav ​​Puja: -

  • Unsuccessful tasks are accomplished due to obstructions.
  • Negative energy and defects are destroyed.
  • Profits are proved in the financial sector.
  • Suffering and sin are solved.
  • Income and resources are received.

According to mythological Hindu stories, the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of every month is celebrated as Kalashtami festival. On the day of Kalashtami, the fierce form of Lord Shiva, Kalbhairav ​​is worshipped. Mahadev has been considered as the God of destruction, that means Bholenath is responsible for whatever is in the world from beginning to eternity.

This festival is also known as Bhairavashtami. This festival is celebrated as a celebration of the birth of Kalabhairava, the Rudra avatar of Shiva. Bhairav ​​Baba is also called the God of Tantriks. His worship fulfills the impossible tasks of the devotees.

The wishes which were not being fulfilled for a long time, by worshiping them all those wishes are also fulfilled. Kalbhairav's form is fearful but he is kind and benevolent to his devotees. On the day of Kalashtami, he should be worshiped and prasad must be offered to him and if this worship is done in the Kalbhairav ​​temple of Delhi, then it has special importance.

Our Services :-
Before the ritual, you will get the Sankalp done over the phone by our erudite Pandit ji. Shri Bhairavnath Bhagwan is worshiped with complete rituals. In which liquor is offered to them. After the completion of the rituals, prasad will also be sent.

Offering :

  • Dried fruits
  • Energized black thread (wear it around the neck for 21 days, then wash it in running water)

Get to know about pandit


5. What Prasad will I get for the Puja? And by when will I be able to get it?
You will be informed about every Puja Prasad done by The Prasad is dispatched to the customer as soon as possible after the Pooja is over. We share the courier details of the dispatched Prasad with the customer. If for any reason the prasad gets lost in transit or does not reach your home/address then you can mail us the issue at quoting your order number on the mail. We will send the prasad again.

6. Can I change or postpone my order of worship?
Yes, you can do all of the above provided you send us a change request within a day of placing your Puja order.
If the Pooja timings are less than 24 hours, no such request can be entertained.
In case of any issues, contact for the required assistance or to speak to our customer care executives.

7. How can I be sure that the puja ordered by me is actually performed?
Once you place the order for the puja, we will share with you the venue, date and time of the puja. You or your representative can attend the puja. We will also share the live streaming of your puja. You can see it in any part of the world.

8. Will my physical presence be required?
No, the beauty of this process is that you do not need to be physically present while performing the puja.

9. In case of any concerns or clarifications, who should I contact?
In case of any issues, you can mail us at or contact us at 91- 9818015458 to speak with our customer care executives for the required assistance.

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