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Laxmi Ganesh Puja English Lakshmi Sahasranama Path Online 2022

Diwali 2022 - Get Numerous Benefits of Wealth and Health From 3 days of Pooja, Get Pooja Done From Home 2022

By: MyJyotish Expert

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Auspicious Benefits Of Pooja :

  • Receive divine blessings of Maa Laksmi.
  • If Venus is weak in Kundli then it gets stronger.
  • Devotees receive the blessing of prosperity and happiness.
  • Knowledge, courage, strength and success is bestowed.

Dhanteras Kuber Pooja

As per mythological tales, lighting the yama deepam on the tithi of Trayodashi can destroy the god of death, Yamraj. Mythology also states that on Dhanteras Goddess Laksmi appeared with God Kuber during Samundra manthan, who is also known as the God of Wealth.


Kali Chaudas Pooja, Kali Badi Temple - Delhi

In some parts of India, Kali Chaudas Mahakali or Shakti is worshipped on a given day who is believed to have killed Asura Narakasura on this day. It is also celebrated as Narak Chaturdashi. Kali Chaudas is a day which puts an end to laziness and evil. On this day if pooja is done then it brings success and happiness in our life and also we are guided in the right direction.


Diwali Pooja, Mahalaxmi Temple - Mumbai

Diwali and Laksmi puja is not only a festival that marks the return of Rama to Ayodhya and his victory of good over evil but also in Gujarat and some other regions too it is celebrated as the beginning of a new year. Worshipping God Ganesha and Maa Laksmi on the day of diwali ensures that all the financial crisis comes to an end. No type of loan and debt remains after this pooja.


Our Services :

The rituals will be performed duly by our esteemed Pandit Ji on all three days with full devotion and dedication. Pandit Ji will contact you before the beginning of the pooja to make you take the resolution or “Sankalp”.

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