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Offer Special Things In The Holy Fire On Holika Dahan Maa Lakshmi Will Be Pleased 07 March 2023

Offer special things in the holy fire on Holika Dahan, Maa Lakshmi will be pleased - 07 March 2023

By: MyJyotish Expert

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Auspicious results of worship:

  • The malefic effects of the planets go away.
  • Good health is attained.
  • Success is achieved in work.
  • There is no business loss.

Dhruv Yoga is being made on Holika Dahan. According to tradition, ideally, Holi preparations need to start from Maha Shivratri, which is usually a few weeks before Holi. The festival of colors is important to get rid of waste and negative energy from our lives and homes. According to the Puranas, the time between Holi to Diwali is considered to be the time for people to achieve their goals.

Factually Holi is a vow day when you take care of your shortcomings and accept your flaws and mistakes. And, thus promise yourself not to repeat them and not to overcome them. In real sense Holi is not about playing with colors or creating nuisance, rather it is all about removing negativity from your life.

  • There is a special benefit from the donation of each item:
  • Black Sesame: For better health
  • Maize Lava: For a happy married life
  • Jaggery: For success in job
  • Cereal earrings: To remove the problems of the mind
  • Ghee: For auspicious and safe life
  • Kapoor: For good financial condition
  • Wood: For the progress of children
  • Mustard Yellow: For a stable mind and life
  • Paddy: to solve problems

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The puja will be performed by Pandit ji with complete rituals. In which chanting and worship will be done in your name to avoid evil eye. The material of worship will be from Pandit ji. Pandit ji will get your resolution for worship done on call.

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