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Pitru Puja Online In Kumbh

Pitra Puja in Kumbh for relief from Life problems

By: MyJyotish Expert

Rs. 3,100
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Auspicious results of Pitru Pooja:

  • Pitru puja removes obstacles from life.
  • Pitru puja calms the turmoil in the mind.
  • Pitru Puja brings prosperity to life.
  • Pitru Puja maintains a pleasant relationship in the family.
  • Eliminates all financial problems from the person’s life.

To get anything auspicious in our lives we need the blessings of our ancestors from many generations who, after leaving their bodies, are deeply attached to our karma structure in a very subtle yet powerful way. We should perform rituals every year for the peace and satisfaction of our ancestors. We have to bear the fruits of good and bad deeds of previous birth in our present life. If you do not have good deeds in your previous birth, then the present life becomes completely painful.

According to mythological beliefs, if the blessings of the ancestors are received at the beginning of any auspicious work is definitely successful. Pitru Puja protects the business from hindrance and unwanted and unjust competition in the market, cures diseases, ensures healthy health. Helps in achieving beneficial results in real estate sector.

Our Service : Our priest will  conduct the pooja and all the rituals and customs. Also he will conduct Sankalpa over  phone.

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