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Shani Triodashi Puja At Kokilawan Shani Dham Register Now

Register for Shani Triodashi puja at Kokilawan Shani Dham: 4 September 2021

By: MyJyotish Expert

Rs. 2,000
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Auspicious Fruits of Worship:

  • Helps in getting rid of sins.  
  • The negative effects of Saturn are destroyed. 
  • Health and wealth are achieved. 
  • Cures long-standing diseases. 
  • It helps in destruction of enemies.


Shani Triodashi - The most impressive day of receiving the grace of Shani Dev. According to Hindu religious stories, Shani Dev is the god of justice. He gives fruits according to karma without discriminating against any devotee.  It is said that if the position of Saturn is not correct in a person's life, he must worship Shani Dev on Triyodashi, which gives effective results to the person. By his grace, all suffering is removed from the lives of devotees, i.e., they do not face poverty or any life problems. Worshipping Shani Dev on this day also relieves the eighth Saturn and the inter-state.   

Saturn’s speed is curved. If they have bad effects on any person, his life is filled with sorrows. Shani Triodashi is considered to be a successful way to please Shani dev.  All the wishes sought from him on this day are also fulfilled.   


Our Services: -

You will be asked to take a wow before the oil anointing by our Panditji. Then Shanidev will be anointed.   



  • Black Thread: For wearing around the neck 
  • Shani Chalisa
  • Ring:  To get Rid of Suffering

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