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Annapurna Jayanti 2021- Why is Annapurna Jayanti celebrated, know date, importance and Katha

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Dec 2021 04:05 PM IST
Annapurna Jayanti
Annapurna Jayanti - Photo : google
Annapurna Jayanti 2021- Why is Annapurna Jayanti celebrated, know date, importance and Katha
Every year, Annapurna Jayanti is celebrated on the Purnima Tithi of Margshirsh month. It is believed that once, due to shortage of food on earth the people had to starve and suffer. To erase this suffering, Goddess Parvati incarnated as Annapurna and removed all the sufferings of the people.

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This time Annapurna Jayanti is falling on Sunday, 19 December. It is believed that worshipping goddess Annapurna on this day with complete devotion blesses one's family with lifelong contentment of food, water and wealth. Know here the importance and more information about the worship procedure of Goddess Annapurna.
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Importance of Annapurna Jayanti

The objective of Annapurna Jayanti is to make people understand the importance of food. Food is the lifeline of people, therefore food should neither be disrespected nor should be wasted. On Annapurna Jayanti, kitchen should be cleaned and cooking stove, gas and food should be worshipped. Also, food should be donated to the needy. It is believed that doing so pleases Goddess Annapurna and she blesses her devotees. Doing so leads to prosperity thriving in your house and you will have a wealthy life in your next birth.

Worshipping method

On the day of Annapurna Jayanti, you should wake up early, take a bath and clean your kitchen and place of worship and sprinkle some Gangajal. After this, worship the kitchen stove with turmeric, kumkum, akshat, flowers etc. Then install the idol or picture of Mother Annapurna on a post and take a yarn thread and tie 17 knots in it. Put that thread in front of the picture of Goddess Annapurna after putting chandan and kumkum on it and then offer 10 akshat and 10 durvas to the goddess. Recite the Goddess Annapurna Katha. Then ask the mother for her forgiveness and pray to her to bless you and your family. Tie the yarn thread on the right hand of male members of your family and on the left hand of the female members of the family. After worshipping do remember to donate food to the needy.

This is the Katha

According to mythology, once there was an acute shortage of food on earth which forced people to starve and die. With no solution left, people prayed to Brahma and Vishnu. Then Brahma and Vishnu woke Lord Shiva from his Yoga nidra and let him know about the whole situation. To find a solution of the problem, Shiva himself inspected earth. Then Mother Parvati incarnated as Annapurna and appeared on earth. After this Lord Shiva appeared as a beggar in front of Goddess Annapurna and asked her for some rice and then distributed it among the poor. After this the scarcity of food and water got eradicated from earth. The day Goddess Annapurna appeared on earth; it was the Purnima Tithi of Margshirsh month. Since then, this day is celebrated as the day of incarnation of Goddess Annapurna.
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