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April Astrology 2022: - Know what your Zodiac Sign have in store for you this Month

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Apr 2022 10:09 AM IST
know your Zodiac this Month
know your Zodiac this Month - Photo : Google
“Dear universe keeps me a little uncomfortable, so I don’t get complacent. Keep me a little uncomfortable so, I am constantly in the energy of reinvention. Keep me a little uncomfortable so I can move beyond the confines of who I think I am and explore the possibilities of all that I can be”. Keep this prayer handy at the start of the new astrological year. This is a beginning of a new cycle so, forget the past negativity and go after our dreams with unrailed passion. As we all know opportunity is a plant of that seed what we want to nurture over the next year. Jupiter and Neptune will not unite again until March 23,2035! Use the time in April to unlock new creative gifts embrace your mystical, dreams and connect with soulmates a top priority.   

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Eclipse season happens a couple of time every year when our life shifts into new era. Each day we walk through a new era we always face a new difficulty like a storm is approaching.  Chance to have a meeting, fated events and profound a beginning and ending all these occur in April 2022 and closer to Taurus on 30th April. As a beginning of new era just listen to universe and start your day with full of energy and positive thoughts.
So, what April 2022 have in his store for each of the sign? Let’s take a look
April 1 2022: - A new moon Aries will get you fired up. The new moon open before the following lunation. The connection that are starting to feel burdensome. Its happens when its time to take an action. It brings you a surge of energy and passion to pursue what sets your soul on fire. The more you detached from your timeline will be easier to manifest.
April 2 2022: - The sun units with mercury. You will have a clear head and energetic. The person is ready to tackle everything. You will be quite busy in your meetings and appointments. It’s a great day to start a new project, deal, sign in agreement and to crack a meeting.
April 3 2022: - Aries are courageous and will think of social media rebel. They always manage in someway to draw upon a resource of status quo in order to fund and support their iconoclastic aims. The last two planets that separate the sphere of visibility reality from what we cannot set here. Talking about relationship so the relationship is quite fine they could find someone they will marry and spend their life with. They need to feel whole and find someone to move on paths that are parallel with their own.
April 4 2022: -big yikes! This is total trash energy and you start feeling this creep up to few days’ notices. But today is the total SOS. Mars ruling passion collides with Saturn ruling challenges. While this can give you stamina and focus to tackle your goal.
April 5 2022: - Venus, our planet of love and beauty are happy and dances into a sea of Pisces.  In this coming week you can achieve your love and work and fulfil your dreams. Stay positive and creative. Get Ready to be creative!
April 6 2022: - this is a combination of planets responsible for lasting bonds and extreme feeling of guilt. Be the initiative being the core of each era arrive in primal nature. Time is quite friendly here though, if they want to take responsibility only then they have a chance to deepen their feelings.
April 7 2022: - today is five-star day for business its good to do business deals you have to clear your mind with negative thoughts and stay focused and learning new things and cheer your day with new start. Mercury and Saturn are swapping and doing high five cheering you for your new start- up.   
April 8 2022: - Mercury and Mars are cheering each other today it’s a great day to start a new deal and sale and purchasing new flat and plot. Today you feel courageous and energetic today. Its professional good day also where you can achieve deal in a very short of time.  This also apply in your personal life you can have a good relationship with your loved one or even in your married life also.
April 9 2022: -Pluto and Saturn specks on boundaries in physical and visible, or the invisible limits of one aura. It’s a little tough time for you because the aura of deal with and resolve it have damaged. If we talk about relationship then these types of people have a power to resolve its relationship problems. True love is simply waiting for him to deal accept in wherever Saturn wishes to take them.
April 10 2022: - tough time for you because Mercury is violently attacked Pluto. Criticism and conflict could start your day but luckily Mercury will swoop into Taurus helping her to stay grounded. Your business and love will improve.
April 11 2022: - Pluto and Saturn have a power of personality that needs to be cheered and nurtured through emotions and acceptance. The main challenge between two sun is to find a center of personality among so many different qualities. If we talk about love and emotions then you have to choose that person who is equal, someone who is from your world they have to realise and feel every inch of their heart- where they truly belong.
April 12 2022: - Jupiter will conjunct Neptune bringing a magical and spiritual vibe into the world. Use today to chase your big dream and visions for the future. The Sun is also smiling upon Saturn too here you need stamina and patience to build your life for all your long-term planning. Success and recognition will also appear now.
April 13 2022: - Jupiter and Saturn is in a strong direction and pull of faith in lives of Aries representatives. They are energetic and always on the move, pointing their energy someplace they cannot hold it for a long time. If we talked about love and emotions- where they found someone equal to his every possible moment, they will feel inspired and pulled in by rush of love.
April 14 2022: - fiery Mars drives into the tropical reefs of Pisces bringing a surge of passion in creativity and spirituality and romance. Your coming days will go well and you have to follow your heart and chase your dreams it’s a lucky day for you.
April 15 2022: - The Sun is strong for they are born in the season of Aries, but Mercury will make it important to fit in the social bond that surround them. You can become a member of group and a team. Talking about love so they need a partner who is supportive for their self – expression and someone to talk to and find their own emotional state.
April 16 2022: - The full Pink Moon arrives this focused you on your partnerships in our live both in personal and professional. Dance with a twin flame or find out new one. Union commitment and balance is important to you now.
April 17 2022: -It’s a great day to you as Mercury close to Venus. You have in hands all deals and success today. You will feel more social and open to love enjoy the harmonious vibes. Enjoy your day with full of chasing dreams.

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April 18 2022: - A highly chaotic day could arrive because Uranus the unknown planet will unite with mercury. It will bring you a unexpected news as well as link to Venus bringing a need for spice and change in your relationship. You will meet a new one and don’t do anything which is impulsive and crazy otherwise you will regret it later.
April 19 2022: - Taurus season arrive now its time to think about your long-term goal and start preparing to achieve it. Financial and business will see you on more focused.
April 20 2022: - Sun will move to the sign of Taurus and it’s time to turn your emotions to forgiveness and love. It will give you rebirth in lives those who born in this date. Deep emotions needed. These individuals understand what different people fear, they love change and constantly search for something to create.
April 24 2022: - Mercury steps into the ring to fight with Saturn today. This brings you a negative thoughts and bad news. Work properly rather then trying to connect with people. Luckily Mercury gets a path on the head of Neptune this will bring you a chance to speak freely by heart.
April 26 2022: - starting today mercury will slow down in the sky. This is called a pre shadow phase. As Mercury slow down it little bit tough you will face challenges hiccups and frustration. Spend your time by reading good books. 
April 27 2022: - Today you are full off enthusiasm. The happy news comes to your home. The Goodnews doors is open for you. Today Mercury links to Jupiter. Your impression be good in front of other people. It’s a great day to crack a deal and chase a dream. Venus will also unite with Neptune its in a great mood to start your relationship. Unconditional love, soulmates connection is in a comic mood.
April 28 2022: - Get ready for powerful vibes in all your communications. Mercury link with Pluto. It gives you a write to speak freely and write with cunning. You are in a position to digest the information. Debating and bargaining will go good today.
April 29 2022: - Pluto will retrograde in Capricorn starting today. This will continue to take you on global level. The period of retrograde is come and gone. Mercury also enters in Germany too it will be good day before mercury enters in your mid-day.
April 30 2022: -Taurus arrives blasting a doorway open in your life. Venus will also embrace Jupiter too. Bringing good opportunities in your life, love, and money. Ask a glamorous event and start a good day with your loved one. Stay touch with us we will tell you what new happens in your destiny that will change your life forever.
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