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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Are you Moving in or inaugurating a new house (Grah Pravesh)? Know these things first -

Are you Moving in or inaugurating a new house (Grah Pravesh)? Know these things first -

MyJyotish Expert Updated 29 Apr 2021 06:05 PM IST
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There are many occasions in our life when we thank God for his Grace and opportunities He provides. Buying, inaugurating, entering a new house is God's blessings and boon. 

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Before moving in a new house that we know as Home inauguration an invitation to the Lord should be made, Havan should be done. A pooja should be performed in the house.It is very important to involve everyone in the family for the same. 

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Today we will be telling you what should be taken care of before entering the house - 

According to Vastu Shastra the house can not be inaugurated anytime of the year, According to Vastu Shastra, there must be a special auspicious day, date and time to do the same. 
Inauguration of a new house should never be done in Savan and Pitru Paksha, even if the house is ready. To inaugurate a new house or property one must wait for the auspicious time.

What to do before entering or inaugurating a new house: 

It is a different pleasure to move in a new house. Often, at a time like this, we forget some most important things, but even by mistake, some things should not be forgotten.  It is very auspicious to tie mango leaves on both the sides of the entrance of the house. This paves way for positive energy to enter and flow through the house.

It is believed that making Rangoli at the main entrance of the house along with the bandanwar is a very sacred thing to do. 

It has been said in famous sacred books that if you are inviting God to you , you must decorate the entrance first along with the house to please them.It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi loves rangoli. It is said that if Mother Lakshmi resides in your house then you do not face financial troubles ever. 

The owner of the house should take coconut, turmeric and enter the house.
It is believed that the owner of the house should enter with auspicious things like coconut, turmeric, jaggery, rice and milk in his hand.By doing this, all the negative energy at that place is dissipated and the effect of positive energy in the house spreads all around.

Establishment and Vastu of Ganapati while entering the house.
Lord Ganesha must always be worshipped first, after entering the house,  the statue of Ganapati must be instilled first and then Vastu must be prayed to. 

Along with this, decorations of your house should be done according with sacred and auspicious flower and mango leaves. This brings peace and tranquility in the house.

It is said that whenever you enter the new house for the first time, always keep the right foot first inside the house.
If you are married, enter the house with your partner. 
It is believed that from the day you enter the house,stay in the same house for 40 days.
It is necessary for any one family member to stay in the inaugurated house for 40 days after the inauguration of the house and locking  the house in any case is forbidden. On the day of inauguration, the mistress of the house should rotate the urn full of water in the whole house and put flowers in every corner of the house.

By following these steps you can attract positivity towards your New house and can live happily ever after. 

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