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Astro tip 2022: Take care of things while worshiping in the morning, know here

Amisha AmishaAmisha Amisha Updated 08 Dec 2022 12:35 PM IST
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If you do not take care of these things while worshiping in the morning, then your work can get spoiled


Every person should worship the Gods and Goddesses before starting the day. By doing this, God's grace always remains on you. But the result of worship is achieved only if you worship in the right way. It is not necessary that everyone worships in the same way. Everyone has their own different way of worshiping. Many times it happens that unknowingly we do not know about some rules of worship and we keep making mistakes, so let us know what things should be kept in mind while worshiping.

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Worship in the right direction

You should pay attention to one thing while worshiping that worship should be done in the temple of the house or in the north-east direction. Because this direction is auspicious and fruitful for worship. When you sit for worship, your face should be towards west while worshiping.


Offer prayers to the sun everyday

Every morning after getting up and taking a bath, offer Arghya to the Sun God. Because it is very auspicious to do so. Your fortune rises.


Use Aasan

When you are worshiping, do not sit directly on the ground. Anytime worship by laying a seat, sitting on it. Before using the posture, pay attention that the posture should be clean and tidy. Astrologers believe that worshiping sitting on the aasanremoves poverty from the house.

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Must light the lamp

When you worship, then at that time you must light a lamp in front of the deities. Because by doing this the negative energy of the house goes out and positive energy enters the house. Soyou light a lamp every morning and evening in the temple of your home.


Worship after bath

Worship should never be done without washing. That's why one should wake up early in the morning and worship God after taking bath and doing routine work. Worship should never be done without bathing, otherwise poverty, impurity and many other problems arise in the house.

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