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Astrological Special 2022: - This Miraculous Plant Has Come To Earth From Heaven, Know More

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Apr 2022 11:43 AM IST
Miraculous Plant :- Which Come To Earth From Heaven
Miraculous Plant :- Which Come To Earth From Heaven - Photo : Google
This plant, Parijat, Shefalika, emerged from the churning of the ocean. Harsingar is called by other names. Very beautiful and fragrant flowers come on this plant. This plant is found all over India along with its name changes. As in Marathi it is called Parijatak, while in Bengali it is called Shefalika and Shiuli. In English it is known as Night Jasmine. Similarly, it is also known by many other names.

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Today we will tell you some amazing benefits related to this plant.
According to mythological beliefs, this plant emerged from the churning of the ocean. Which was planted by lord Indra in Indraloka. It is believed that this plant was brought from heaven to earth. When Lord Krishna had gone to heaven after killing Narakasura, Lord Indra presented him a plant of Parijat.

Which Lord Shri Krishna had brought to earth and he gave this plant to Goddess Rukmani?
Two of the four rare species of plants of Harsingar in Uttar Pradesh are present in the forest department premises of Etawah. Those who still tell people about the ocean churning between the gods and the demons. There is also a mention about this plant and flower in Harivansh Purana.

Parijat flower act as a medicine in themselves
The fragrance of the flowers of this plant is so fragrant that a person feels like smelling it. Smelling the fragrance of its flowers gives relief from stress. Along with this, the person also attains a long life. If you plant this plant in the house, then it creates an atmosphere of happiness in the family. If a person is suffering from heart disease, then this plant is very beneficial for him. Such a person should take 15 to 20 flowers or their juice. This remedy can be done only on the advice of an ayurvedic doctor. Its flowers, leaves and bark are useful for making many types of medicines.

Flower of this plant is mainly used for worshipping Lakshmi.
Mainly we use these flowers in worship which have not fallen on the ground but the same flowers of this plant are used in worship which have fallen from the tree. There is another special thing related to the flowers of this tree. It is said that wherever this plant, Goddess Lakshmi herself resides there.

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Parijat flowers bloom only at night and they wither by morning.
This is a wonderful thing in itself which makes this tree more special. Wherever this flower blooms in the courtyard, there always remains peace and prosperity.

Any type of Vaastu defects is not left in any house.
Where this plant is plant. By planting just one sapling, all the Vaastu defects in your house are removed. Therefore, planting this plant in the house is considered very auspicious.
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