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Astrology 2022: Follow these 10 vastu tips for extreme happiness and joy in your life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 24 Feb 2022 09:18 AM IST
vastu tips
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Astrology 2022: Follow these 10 vastu tips for extreme happiness and joy in your life

Vastu has more influence on the life of a person than the planets and constellations and that too more by his actions. If you correct your karmas, then the planets and constellations will automatically improve. Now there is the question of Vastu, which is not related to Karma. There are good planets and constellations and there are good deeds, but if you are living in a good house or in a house not built according to Vastu, then there will be trouble in life.

Do - Yellow Thursday

On Thursday, after retiring from daily routine in the morning, make turmeric-based rotis, place jaggery on each roti and feed it to the cow. Doing this method regularly on 7th Thursday leads to early marriage.

  • Put a picture of Radha and Krishna in the house.
  • Keep all the curtains and bedsheets in the house of pink color.

For health

  • If there is a patient in the house, dissolve saffron in a bowl and keep it in his room.
  •  Never sleep with your feet in the south direction.
  •  Keep the door of the house in the west or north direction.
  •  Do not keep dirty utensils in the bedroom, it spoils the health of the wife.
  •  If someone in the family is suffering from mental stress, then sleeping on black deer skin is beneficial.
  •  If any member has bad dreams, then sleep with Ganga water by his side.
  •  If someone in the family is sick, then fill Ganga water with pure saffron in a silver vessel and keep it at the head.
  •  If a person is suffering from mental stress, then keep a lamp of pure ghee in the room, along with it light rose incense sticks.
  •  Always decorate a bouquet of fragrant flowers in the corner towards your head.

For job

  •  Always keep 3 Gomti Chakras tied with silver wire in Siddha Yoga that falls on Monday of Shukla Paksha. There will be luck in the job and even if the person has business and business, there will be immense benefits.
  •  The photo of Bajrang Bali, in which he has a flying picture, should be kept in the house and worshiped.
  •  Feed the birds every morning by mixing 7 types of grains together and have darshan in the temple.

For children

In order to have children, both husband and wife should travel to Rameshwaram and get snake worship done there. By doing this work, child-defect ends.

For happy married life

  •  Offer water to Tulsi plant everyday. Chant the mantra 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah'.
  •  Place an embraced picture of Radha-Krishna in the bedroom.
  • 4 days before the marriage, tie 7 whole turmeric bales, 3 brass coins or pieces, a little saffron, a little jaggery and gram dal in a yellow cloth and throw the girl in the direction of her in-laws' house. With this, the girl will remain in a happy married life in her in-laws' house.
  • The woman who recites 'Shri Sunderkand' by lighting a jasmine oil lamp on Saturday, her married life is full of happiness.

For peace of mind 

  • Sleep by burning camphor every night
  • Drink water in a silver glass once a day, it will control anger.
  • Do not allow webs to be set in the house, it causes mental stress.
  • In the evening, make fragrant and holy smoke in the house.
  • Get the electrical appliances of the house that make a hoarse sound, get them repaired from time to time.

For blessings

  • Do not keep false utensils in the night, because of this the blessings go away.

  •  Do not wash your hands on the plate after having food.
  •  Do not sit in front of the plate for a long time after having a meal.
  •  Do not keep the plate under panderi or kitchen stand after having food.
  •  Always keep the eyes, nose, ears and genitals clean.

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To avoid accidental crisis

  • Keep putting oil in the hinges of the doors, otherwise they make a sound while opening or closing the door, which is very inauspicious and harmful according to Vastu.
  •  Read the text of Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  •  Do not forget to burn camphor in the morning, evening and night.
  •  Never go into a fight while going out of the house.
  •  Eat something sweet before going out.
  •  Playing, traveling, having sex, quarreling, abusing, watching TV, bringing bad thoughts into the mind and mind, etc., during the evening (at the time of Dhardhari), the person gets surrounded by troubles.

The house is according to the architecture: -

  • The house is architecturally.
  • The door of the house should be in the north, west or east direction.
  • Always keep the house clean. Do not keep unnecessary things inside the house.
  • Do not keep too many pictures or idols of Gods and Goddesses in the house.
  • Always keep the Northeast corner of the house empty or make it a place of water.
  • On the top of the door, the picture of Lord Ganesha and the right-left swastika with benefic and auspicious is written.
  • Make the atmosphere good in the house with melodious aroma and music. Before sleeping at night, burn camphor soaked in ghee
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For wealth and prosperity

  • Think of wealth and prosperity every day.
  •  Put pictures according to Vastu in the house.
  •  Always keep 10 and 5 coins in your pocket.
  •  Keep a lump of turmeric in the safe.
  •  Keep fast on Ekadashi. Worship Vishnu and Lakshmi.

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