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Astrology 2022: know the effects of auspicious & inauspicious signs forming in your horoscopes

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Jul 2022 09:13 AM IST
zodiac signs
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Auspicious Signs: 4G will be visible while going, so understand that your journey will be auspicious.
Various types of auspicious and inauspicious signs have been told in astrology. Know here about some such signs, which if you see during a trip, then understand that for the purpose you are going. It will surely be fulfilled and no obstacle will come. Various types of auspicious and inauspicious signs have been told in astrology. For example, it is said that if someone is going out for a journey, then if someone interrupts him or sneezes while leaving, then it is not considered a good omen. Many people consider it an inauspicious sign. It is also believed that in getting such signals, there are many obstacles in the work. But there are some good signs as well. If it is seen while travelling or while leaving home for some work, then it is considered auspicious. Believe that all your work gets done by this.

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Let us know what are these signs
  • The appearance of the Cow: The cow is considered very revered and honourable in Hinduism. It is said that all the deities reside in the cow. If you have left home for some auspicious work, or are going on a journey and you see a cow somewhere, then understand that you have seen the gods and goddesses and have received their blessings. The work can be done quickly without any hindrance.
  • A pot full of water: It is said that if you see a vessel full of water while leaving the house, then your chances of getting work increase greatly. This is considered auspicious. Apart from this, a vessel full of rice, a vessel full of milk or curd is also a symbol of prosperity. It is believed that your work will be completed soon. Hearing the sound of the bell: If you are going on a journey, leaving home for some good work. At the same time, if you hear the sound of the bell in a temple, then understand that your work will be completed easily. Giving the sound of sound is also one of these auspicious signs.
  • Seeing the last journey leaving: It is said that if you see someone's last journey leaving somewhere during the journey, then it is considered auspicious. It is believed that this will not only complete your work, but apart from this your wish will also be fulfilled, so if you see someone's funeral procession, then you should stop and bow down and not turn your face. Some steps should be taken together, only then move forward
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