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Astrology 2022 : Know about sati anusuiya and her interesting story

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Apr 2022 05:18 PM IST
Who is Sati Anusuiya
Who is Sati Anusuiya - Photo : Google
Who is Sati Anusuiya
Anusuiya Ji is considered a woman of high character and qualities.  Anusuiya Ji was one of the twenty-four daughters of Daksha Prajapati. Anusuiya Ji was the epitome of love and purity.  She is considered a woman of high principles.  He was born in a royal family.  But still, she was always grounded and humble. Mata Anusuya, one of the great women of India, has got a place among the five virtuous wives. Draupadi, Sulakshana, Savitri & Mandodari are also considered to be virtuous wives. Come know the Story of Sati Anusuya.

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Interesting Story

Devrishi Narada Ji reached Kailash. Shankar ji was in Samadhi. Parvati Ji was worshipping. She offered Narada ji prasada. Narada Ji told that laddus are very tasty. He further told that laddus offered by Anasuya were tastier. Parvati Ji asked who she is. Narada Ji told that she is loyal to her husband but Anusuya is more loyal to her husband. She got jealous. When Shankar Ji came out of his Samadhi, Parvati Ji asked him to breach the loyalty of Anusuya.
On another side, Narada Ji reached Vaikuntha, the abode of Vishnu Ji. Lakshmi Ji asked him about his happiness. Narada Ji said this time he walked to Chitrakoot. There he reached the ashram of Maharishi Atri. Because of that, he is happy. He further said, earlier there was the glory of Vaikuntha, but nowadays it is Anusuya’s ashram. Lakshmi Ji asked about Anusuya. Narada Ji said she is a great virtuous, and loyal wife. Lakshmi Ji also asked Vishnu Ji to breach the loyalty of Anusuya. Likewise, Savitri Ji also requested Brahma Ji.

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Shankar Ji, Vishnu Ji, and Brahma Ji, in disguised forms, reached Chitrakoot and went to Anusuya’s ashram. They begged her. When Sati Anusuya gave alms, they refused to take them. They said- Devi only If you do our hospitality without clothes, we will take alms on you. ‘Hearing this, Sati Anusuya fell into contemplation. She thought, if she gives alms without clothes, then her loyalty to her husband will be damaged and if she did not give alms to Atithi (guests), it would be a big sin. She thought, almighty say, offer me without desires or longings. She said, if I am true to my husband and I had never thought of any man-man in a sexual manner, then all three of you become six-month-old children.
Sati Anusuya breastfed them and put them to play in the cradle. In this way, Tridev became a prisoner of love for Mata Anusuya.
Here, when the three ladies saw that their husbands had not come, they were worried. Incidentally, they met Narada Ji. The three goddesses asked them for the location of their husbands. Narada Ji said that those people are playing as children in the ashram. Finally, all the three went to Chitrakoot to find their husbands. The three goddesses asked Anusuya to enter the ashram. By the time, Atri rishi arrived there. Atri Rishi asked who are these children and ladies. Sati Anusuya told him that these three children are mine and the ladies are their wives. Then, Atri rishi said to Aunusuya that do not mention this. These are tridev and the rishi sprinkled water on them. The children took the original forms. Tridev told them that they were happy to play as children in their courtyard. As tridev was pleased, they gave a boon to Sati Anusuya and with their radiance, Dattatreya Ji appeared.  
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