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Astrology 2022:- Know The Many surprising Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewellery

My Jyotish Expert Updated 07 May 2022 03:51 PM IST
Silver Jewellery
Silver Jewellery - Photo : Google
According to astrology, every planet is ruled by some other metal. But not every metal needs to be right for every person. If any metal is very auspicious for a person, then the same metal is also very inauspicious for a person. For this reason, it is said that a person should wear any metal according to the position of the planets in his horoscope so that that person gets its favorable effect and the problems in life are removed. Silver is considered the purest metal in astrology. For this reason, this metal is used in worship utensils, Navedya pots, etc. Silver is related to the Moon and the Moon is considered the causative planet of the mind. Women wear silver anklets and nettles on their feet, but do you know why women are advised to wear anklets and toenails and what are its benefits. Today we will tell you some important things related to this-

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According to Ayurveda
 Silver is such a metal that is also mentioned in the texts of Ayurveda. It is a metal that can be used to keep both bodies and mind healthy. Regular drinking of water in a silver vessel provides physical as well as mental well-being. Not only this, silver strengthens the immune system of man and provides long life.
Silver is such a metal that is related to both Moon and Venus.
Moon is the karaka planet of mind and Venus is the karaka planet for Aishwarya and wealth. Let us tell you that Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all three planets are very useful in the horoscope of a female native. It is a metal whose use brings good luck. For this reason, women wear silver anklets and beeches to keep happiness and prosperity in their lives.
It has been observed that women are more confident and ahead in the field of art and beauty than men. Silver is also a big reason behind this. Women use silver in their jewelry which strengthens the mind and mind of women as well as the planet Venus is strong due to which their confidence increases in art and beauty.

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Different silver ornaments affect different parts of the body.
Let us know which jewelry has an effect on which part of women. First of all talk about silver toe, then let us tell you that women wear silver toe on certain fingers of feet, it is said that the fingers in which women wear silver toe are directly related to the uterus and heart. Wearing a silver ring on the fingers makes it easier for women to conceive and at the same time, the menstrual cycle is also correct. Feet are the part of the body through which maximum energy is transmitted, therefore silver jewelry is worn on the feet because silver absorbs energy from the ground and transmits it to the whole body.
Women take care of the garden door of the whole house, so they do not pay attention to themselves. For this reason, women are advised to wear silver anklets because wearing silver anklets removes physical pain. Women take care of the food and drink of the whole family but do not take care of their food at all. In such a situation, they get many types of diseases, in which bone diseases are the most prominent, in such a situation, silver anklets prove to be very useful, it not only strengthens the bones of women's feet but also their body structure. controls.
 You must have seen that many women wear silver cloves, they do this so that they stay away from respiratory diseases. It is said that wearing a silver glove on the nose keeps the breath under control and also gets rid of the problems related to the Guru. Both Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious planets. But women also have solutions to their problems. Wearing silver earrings in the ear solves all the problems related to Rahu and Ketu.
 Mother Lakshmi also has immense grace on women. Women wear silver jewelry and silver is the favorite metal of Goddess Lakshmi. Worship of Rajat Lakshmi form of Mother Lakshmi is also associated with silver. For this reason, women get the special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
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