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Astrology 2022: Know which zodiac signs should be kind in chaturmas, to get good fortune

My jyotish expert Updated 12 Jul 2022 06:28 PM IST
Zodiac sign
Zodiac sign - Photo : Google
The duration of Chaturmas will be for these 5 zodiac signs, the blessings of the fruitful Goddess Lakshmi will be showered.

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Chaturmas has started from 10th July and will end on 4th November. For some people, these times are said to be particularly favorable while others are advised not to start any new work. In Hinduism, this period is of great importance as it affects all the 12 zodiac signs. At this time, a lot of things can move forward in a positive way for the 5 zodiac signs. Along with this, others may also get some opportunities in this, but with this hard work will also be more. But right now the position of the transit of planets is going to maintain its grace on some zodiac signs, so along with taking proper advantage of this time, opportunities for progress will also be available, let us know how your life will be affected during these months.


This time Chaturmas will be auspicious for the people of Aries, children will get support in fulfilling their own dreams. Worship of Lord Vishnu and opinion of parents will prove to be more effective for your progress. New avenues of progress will open. Light ghee lamps in the temple of the house for these four months and your wish will be fulfilled. Luck will be seen supporting you in this Chaturmas. Businessmen will suddenly earn money. People of this zodiac will spend more time with family members. With the happiness of children, their cooperation will be received and this experience will be special. At this time a lot of compatibility can be seen in the workplace. Economic progress is also going to remain with you.


Chaturmas will be a better time for Gemini people. You can get a chance to travel abroad due to some office work. You can also work on many plans for the coming future with friends. Be patient to see progress in your field, there will definitely be benefits. Many people may be surprised to see your patience. You will get the support of your loved ones in completing any important work. Feed the animals during these months and also by reciting Shri Vishnu Sahasranama, one will get freedom from obstacles.

Leo sun sign

Chaturmas can be favorable for Leo people, with the company of good people, you will be able to earn good profits. Even if you have to bear the distance from someone close, then you will meet them soon and you will be able to experience relief soon. New work may start. Any sudden profit will also be received. In case of any kind of confusion or running-race-like situation, the support of loved ones will help you to get rid of this. During Chaturmas, recite the chaupai of Shri Ram Charit Manas, its auspicious results will illuminate life.


Chaturmas will be favorable for the people of Virgo zodiac. People will be greatly influenced by your practical nature, the work you have thought of doing will be completed. Financial matters will be strong. It is important to understand everything thoroughly before investing. During this time, donating bananas or apples in the religious place will be auspicious, you will get benefit during Chaturmas, businessmen can get money. The people of this zodiac can be interested in spirituality. You can organize any religious program at home.


Chaturmas will be favorable for you. Implementation of new plans in business will open new avenues of progress, spending time with spouse will bring sweetness in relationships. There will be support in the family. Your respect in the society will increase. This is a good opportunity for the people associated with the field of education. Your work will get better results, there will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. Chant Gayatri Mantra during Chaturmas, your relationship will be strong.
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