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The cause of disease and the secret of good health are hidden in the zodiac signs

MyJyotish Expert Updated 25 Apr 2022 12:28 PM IST
The cause of disease and the secret of good health are hidden in the zodiac signs
The cause of disease and the secret of good health are hidden in the zodiac signs - Photo : Amarujala
Health is being considered the most in today's time. Disease emerges in the body in any way and makes life painful.  Health is wealth, and such sayings can be seen to highlight the importance of health.  Only a healthy person can work hard, achieve success, earn well, and live happily.

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Conversely, a wealthy but sick person cannot enjoy the excellent food and other luxuries, his wealth diminishes, and he remains unhappy.  Through the analysis of one's horoscope, the Vedic science of astrology gives accurate predictions about the nature and timing of disease, which can enable him to take preventive measures in time and be happy.  Every person experiences good or bad results in their lives through their Lagna.
Strong Ascendant is a guarantee of good health.
A strong zodiac position in the ascendant is constructive in strengthening health.  A strong ascendant is very effective in fighting disease.
Through this, the marriage also gets strength.  Strong Ascendant and Ascendant lords are blessed with good health and the power to fight diseases.  According to Sarvartha Chintamani, When the Ascendant lord is strong is situated in the Kendra or Trikona house and is not in the inauspicious place. Therefore, the attainment of good physical health is possible.
On the contrary, the weak position of the Ascendant is going to affect the disease soon.  If any house owner is situated in a wrong house or the owner of a sinister house is located in a good place, then there is a loss in that house.  When the lord of a wrong home is situated in any lousy house, it gives good results based on Viparita Raja Yoga.  Due to its effect, encouraging results are obtained, the health status and possible disease of a person are analyzed based on the following factors:-
Signs and effects of disease
 Aries - head, brain, and forehead
 Taurus - face, right eye, mouth, teeth, and neck
 Gemini - Right ear, collar bone, shoulder, right hand, respiratory system, and skin
 Cancer - Cancer Lung, Chest, Heart, and Breast
 Leo - Heart, upper abdomen, back, and spine
 Virgo - Intestine, navel, gall bladder, and upper back
 Libra - Below the navel region, pancreas, kidney, urinary, and internal genital organs
 Scorpio - external genital organs, testicles, and rectum
 Sagittarius - buttocks and thighs
 Capricorn - Knees and Joints
 Aquarius - Left ear, left hand, calf, and calf
 Pisces - left eye, heel, and soles
The position of the zodiac signs will have a unique effect on your disease.  Each zodiac sign and its properties can understand the disease's tendency.
Whichever house and its lord is strong and has a union with it, or if there is a vision of auspicious planets, the body part becomes solid and disease-free. On the contrary, the opposite position causes weakness of the concerned limb and is likely to affect it with the disease.
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