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Astrology 2022: This sign reflects weak moon, follow these remedies for benefit

My jyotish expert Updated 27 Jun 2022 01:49 PM IST
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If the Moon is weak in the horoscope, then you get this sign. These measures can  benefit!

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 When the Moon is weak in the horoscope, you trouble many types of problems. You can make the moon strong by trying the astrological remedies mentioned here.

 Nine planets have been considered of special importance in astrology. And according to the position of the planets, the person's nature and his life are also affected. Moon is also considered as one of the major planets among the nine planets. It is said that if the Moon becomes weak in the horoscope, then the person becomes very weak mentally, becomes very emotional, he can take wrong decisions due to which he has to face many problems in life. It also affects the love life of a person, apart from this, there is a possibility of many diseases due to weak moon. People often have to suffer cough-cold, asthma and lung-related problems when the Moon is weak. Apart from this, problems like lack of sleep, mental exhaustion, lack of mind in any work, stress, depression, lack of concentration, diabetes etc. If your Moon is also weak, then some time and some measures can prove to be very effective for him. Remedies to strengthen the Moon: 


1. If a white pearl is worn on the advice of an astrologer, then the position of the moon is strengthened. Apart from this, wearing a silver bracelet in the hand also strengthens the moon.

2 To strengthen the boundary, one should worship Mahadev. In the days of Sawan, you can take measures to strengthen the Moon. You can also keep fast on Monday during Sawan. Keep a fast on 10 or 54 Mondays. Every Monday, do Jalabhishek of Mahadev and must recite Shiv Chalisa.

 3 While making the foundation of the house, pressing a little piece of moon in it strengthens the moon. Apart from this, you can put silver nails in the bed on which you sleep, it will also benefit you.

4 By serving your parents and touching their feet, both your Moon and Sun become strong. In the scriptures, the relation of mother is with the moon and the relation of father with the sun is considered

. 5  Wear white clothes on Monday and chant the Chandra Mantra Om Shram Shram Shraun Saha Chandraya Namah, apart from this, donate curd, white clothes, white pearls, milk or silver to a needy person, this would make Chandu stronger.
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