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Astrology: If you want to avoid accidents then donate blood, know how

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Jun 2021 01:05 PM IST
Blood Donation
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At present, donating blood is considered a very noble act. Blood donation can be done anytime and anywhere. June 14 is World Blood Donation Day. National Blood Donation Day is observed on 1 October. Donating blood can save someone’s life. It is also very beneficial for donating blood. You will be surprised to know that blood donation can save you from many big accidents from the point of view of astrology. There are some such planets in the horoscope which are accidental for the person make yoga. People who have the chance of bleeding due to accident in their horoscope, they should donate blood once or twice in a year. Know when accidents are formed in the horoscope.
  • Both Mars and Sun are blood factors in the horoscope and if their negative effect falls on the seventh, eighth or twelfth house, then such a person gets hurt in life. If Mars is in the eighth house of a debilitated zodiac in someone’s birth chart, then there are chances of injury to that person.
  • Even if there is a sinful sight of Mars on the seventh or eighth house, accidents happen in life.
  • If Mars sitting in ascendant, fourth and seventh house is not auspicious, then it definitely keeps on doing accidents in life.
  • The effect of Mars Rahu in the eighth house or the second house forms Angarak Yoga. Such a person is sure to have accidents again and again
  • If the Mahadasha  Antardasha  Pratyantar  Dasha of Mars or Rahu is going on in your Kundli and both these planets are not under good influence in the Kundli, then accidents are more likely to happen during that period.
  • Although Mars is the karmic karaka planet and Sun is the bright karaka planet, it takes a person to great heights. Mars, Saturn and Sun are in good house in most of the horoscopes of the country’s army chief, police, army, administrative field person.
  • But if he is sitting in a negative house or is in Marrakesh, then In that case, in their antardasha or pratyantaradasha, they give physical pain to the person.
  • It has been told in astrology that our blood flows due to injury, due to which the body has to suffer. There is physical and financial loss. In such a situation, the only way to avoid accidents is to donate blood from time to time.
  • By donating blood, the life of the victim can be saved and it is also a great astrological remedy to prevent accidents for oneself. That is, if you want to save yourself from accidents, then keep donating blood.
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