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Astrology remedies 2022:- know how to find your lost love

My jyotish expert Updated 08 May 2022 09:20 AM IST
how  to find lost love
how to find lost love - Photo : Google
In today's life, this shows, that hardly anyone has true love. Whether it is a boy or a girl, both see the appearance and money in love, no one sees the status. When social things do not make any difference and no one tries to change someone good as they are, it is called true love. Even if someone finds true love, it is very difficult to understand, recognize and keep it. There are some fights in every relationship, but sometimes due to some reason the quarrels increase so much that even the relationship breaks down. If you have also lost your true love and want to get it again, then you should take the help of the remedies mentioned in astrology. Let us know what is that remedy

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  To get your lost love, worship Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi on Thursday for three months. After worshiping, chant the mantra Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah 3 rounds. Offer Prasad in the temple every Thursday for three months. By doing this remedy you will get your lost love back.
Worship Maa Durga with a sincere heart and offer a red flag or chunari on her idol. It is said that whoever worships Goddess Durga with a true heart, the mother gives him the boon he wants.

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If you want to get someone again and you have lost contact with him, then you take two leaves of the Peepal tree and write the name of that person on them. Now invert one of the leaves by pressing it with an object and keep it under the Peepal tree and in the same way keep the other leaf on the roof of the house. After doing this, you should offer water to the Peepal tree every day. By doing this remedy, that person will try to contact you again.
To get back your lost love, you should wear white clothes and offer perfume of rose or jasmine at a religious place. By this, you will surely find your lost love.
Chant the mantra Om Hee Namah 1000 times a day for a week and wear red clothes and a garland of kumkum during this time. By this, you will get your love.
If you have expressed your love to someone and he is not accepting your love, then you should offer flute and paan in the temple of Lord Shri Krishna. Also, meditate on Lord Shri Krishna and Radha Ji and after chanting the mantra Om Hun Hreem Saha Krishnay Namah, sprinkle honey on Lord Shri Krishna. This will give you positive results.
Donate white cow to Brahmin and feed raw potato to the black cow for 43 days. Keep in mind that while you are doing this remedy, you do not have to consume jaggery for those 41 days, and keep your desire in your mind.
To get the lost love, you have to strengthen the lord of the fifth house of your horoscope and make the seventh house and the seventh house planet peace. To get the lost love, definitely strengthen the planet Venus.
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