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Astrology Remedies: Follow these remedies to get rid of depression and anxiety

My Jyotish Expert Updated 22 Apr 2022 10:15 AM IST
Depression & Anxiety
Depression & Anxiety - Photo : Google
Want to get rid of the problem of depression, know the solution,

"The defeat of the mind, the victory of the victory of the mind" depends on the person's mind. If a person is determined that he can do this work, then no matter how many problems he can defeat together. In many situations when a person is determined that he can no longer win, he is unable to win no matter how many chances he gets. Happiness, sorrow, defeat, and victory remain engaged in life. Every situation that comes in life has to be faced. But sometimes such problems come in life which become very stressful to face. In such a situation, many times a person also becomes a victim of depression.

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Depression not only weakens a person mentally but also destroys his ability to think. Nowadays the problem of depression has become very common, this problem is found in young children to older people, but sometimes the problem of stress increases so much that it takes the form of depression. Due to this the person himself starts feeling so alone. In such a situation, the remedies mentioned in astrology should be taken. The problem of depression can be overcome with the help of astrology.
Horoscope plays a very important role in astrological fields

 First of all, know what is depression.
There are happiness and sorrows in life, but when difficult situations come in life and the person starts feeling very disappointed. If it is despair and worry for a few days, then it is fine, but when this despair, worry, restlessness, and negative thoughts change from days to months, then it becomes a cause of worry, such a person starts going toward depression. If a person starts feeling very lonely and is unable to complete his daily routine tasks, then understand that he has been in the grip of depression. It is a mental disease that makes a person mentally weak. Due to this, he is also unable to make everyday decisions in his life.
The problem of depression is caused by the mind and intellect, the causative factor of the mind is the Moon, the same intellect is the planet Mercury, due to which both the Moon and the planet Mercury are important in the problem of depression.
If the Ascendant is in an inauspicious house or is in a debilitated sign in a person's horoscope, then the person suffers from depression. Talk about the same thing about the palm, then by looking at the moon mountain present on the palm, it can be found out whether the person is a victim of depression or not.

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When the Moon is close to the Sun, a person may suffer from depression.
Sometimes the mark of an island or cross appears on the person's brain, then it also indicates that the person is suffering from depression. A person in whose horoscope Rahu or Shani has a house effect on Lagna or Moon, such a person may be in the grip of depression. A person can suffer from the problem of depression even if there is a combination of Saturn and Moon in the horoscope or if it is situated in the house of sinful planets. When the Moon becomes weak in the horoscope, then the person can be in the grip of serious problems like depression.

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Now let's talk about those measures by which a person can get rid of a serious disease like depression. In general, one should exercise. You should share everything from your heart with your family members and do positive things. Also, positive thoughts should be imbibed.

Talk about the same astrological remedies, then the person who is suffering from depression should wear silver ornaments. Wearing silver jewelry on Monday cures mental diseases. But keep in mind that there should not be any addition to those silver ornaments. The problem of depression arises due to the moon, the person who is suffering from the problem of depression should fix his moon, and to improve the position of the moon, the person should worship Lord Shiva.

Those who want to get rid of mental illness put a double-faced Rudraksha in a silver locket and wear it on Monday. By doing this, you will be under the grace of Lord Shiva and you will get rid of depression. Moon is directly related to white things, you should donate rice, milk, sugar candy, sugar, kheer, or any white thing on Monday or full moon day. This will strengthen your moon and you will get rid of mental diseases.
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