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Astrology remedies: Know about a food item that will get the money back

My Jyotish Expert Updated 13 May 2022 01:58 PM IST
astrology remedies: food item that will get the money back
astrology remedies: food item that will get the money back - Photo : Google
The position of planets, constellations and other celestial bodies is studied in the subject of astrology. With the help of astrology, the auspicious and inauspicious events occurring in the life of the person can be known. Also, with the help of the measures mentioned in it, the ill effects of an inauspicious event can be reduced. Today we are telling you the remedies related to one such item which is easily available in every house. For this, there will not be much money or effort to find it in the market, but the effect of its measures proves to be very beneficial. Let us know what is that item and what is the remedy related to it

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It is present in everyone's kitchen and is also used daily. This is such a thing that is very important for filling the stomach. We are talking about flour. Yes, along with roti, many other dishes are also made. Bread is a very important item, it is one of the three most important things Roti, cloth, and house. Everyone works hard to fill their stomach. Everyone wants that he can get bread two times in peace. Along with filling the stomach, flour is also useful in the remedies of many problems. By doing the remedy of flour mentioned in astrology, the financial condition improves, and at the same time, many other types of problems are also solved.

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You are working hard but even after that the financial condition of your house is not improving, so on Thursday, you have to knead the flour by mixing a little turmeric and then make a dough and feed it to the cow. You have to do this remedy till some Thursday. By doing this remedy, you yourself will start seeing positive changes in the financial condition of your home.
Put five basil leaves and two cancer seeds in the box in which you keep the flour in your house. It is said that even with this remedy, the financial crisis going on in the house gradually ends.

 Some people work hard in their jobs but when it comes to promotion, it is their turn somewhere. If your promotion has also been stalled for a long time, then on Sunday, you have to knead the wheat flour by mixing jaggery and after that make puddings of this flour and feed these puris to a cow. By doing this the position of the Sun planet in the horoscope will be strengthened and all the obstacles coming in the field of work will be removed. This remedy can also be done by those people who are facing losses in their business.

Flour is one such food item that can bring back your long-held money. If your money is stuck somewhere for a long time and due to this you are facing many kinds of problems, then in such a situation, make roti of wheat flour and apply mustard oil on it and feed it to a black dog. You have to do this remedy on Saturday, due to which you will be blessed by Shani Dev and all the obstacles related to your money will be removed.
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